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Nominations Report 5-20-12

Nominating Committee Report

for May 20, 2012 Meeting for Business


Nominating committee is charged with the responsibility of proposing for approval the names of Friends and Attenders whom the committee believes to be suitable for the positions to be filled, and who have agreed to serve in those positions. The positions include those of officers, contact or liaison people, and committee conveners, but not committee members, with the exception of Ministry and Counsel members, all of whom we are charged to nominate. The M&C members serve 2 year terms, and select their own convener. We have been in touch with several folks who expressed an interest in serving on certain committees, but not as conveners. We ask that they contact the relevant conveners.


Respectfully: Frank Hirsch, Carolyn Sigstedt, Steve Spencer, Mi’Jan Tho-Biaz.



Co-Clerks of Meeting: Jan-Willem Jansens and Bob Gaines


Recording Clerk: Dave Wunker


Treasurer: Ted Pomeroy


Recorder: Philip Balcombe


Resident: Dave Wunker


Archivist: David Giltrow


Future Planning Committee: Co-Conveners Bettina Raphael and Irene Webb


Adult Education Committee: Wyn Lewis, Convener


Building Committee: David Giltrow


Communications and Newsletter Committee: Marcy Pompei, Convener


Committee on Conscientious Objection: Howard Shulman, Convener


Meeting for Worship Greeter: Rebecca Allahyari


Finance Committee:  Convener, with Roxanne Seagraves, Frank Hirsch, and Ann Beauchamp


Garden Committee: Alan Rogers, Convener


Good Works Committee: Anna Darrah, Convener


Housekeeping Committee: Pam Geyer, Convener


History Committee: David Giltrow, Convener


Library Committee: Ted Pomeroy, assisted by Jonathan Ashworth


Ministry and Counsel Committee: Carolyn Sigstedt, Mary Ray Cate, and Karen Kuranz. (Starting at rise of June Meeting for Business, for 2 year terms, joining current members Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Ann Beauchamp, and Greg Cliburn)


Naming Committee: To be chosen by Meeting for Business


Nominating Committee: To be chosen by Naming Committee


Peace and Social Concerns Committee: Pam Gilchrist


Residence Committee: Co-Conveners Ted Pomeroy and Marty Carroll


Parents First Day School Committee: They will select their own convener.


Worship Group Liaisons:

Las Vegas: David Henkel

Los Alamos: Martha Davis

South Santa Fe: Pam Gilchrist

Taos (Clearlight Meeting): Irene Webb


IMYM Continuing Committee Representative: Jennifer Wellington


IMYM Nominating Committee Representative: Rebecca Henderson


IMYM Finance Committee Representative: Bob Gaines


AFSC Liaison: David Henkel and Mi’Jan Tho-Biaz


FCNL Liaison: Pam Gilchrist


Pendle Hill Liaison: Marty Carroll


NM Regional Meeting Liaison: Rebecca Henderson


Interfaith Leadership Alliance Representative: Bob Gaines


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