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Garden Committee Report 7-13

Garden Committee Report

7th Month, 2013



Since last Business Meeting, Dave Wunker and Alan Rogers have worked many hours assisted by Tammi Hayes. Weeding, pruning, fertilizing and general garden cleanup have been done. Alan purchased some perennials and annuals and these have mostly been planted and Dave has run drip irrigation to most. We have planted 2 new roses; one (Grandma’s Best) in place of the climbing rose that died a year or more ago (near the Peace Rose) and another (Chrysler Imperial) opposite the sitting bench near the Apache Plume. Both have spectacular, fragrant blooms. Along the Westside entry (while planting we think we unearthed an old Olive Rush patio) we have filled in with Jupiter’s Beard, Yarrow “Sangria”, Gaillardia, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Catmint and Rudbeckia. In the southern planting area we have added Cosmos for annual color. Along the Eastside beyond the sitting area we have added Coreopsis, Catmint, Salvia, Furman’s Red, Gaillardia and Rudbeckia. A few more await planting in front of the Casita and in the south 40…

The garden is looking great. While working in the garden we see more and more wildlife; songbirds, hummingbirds, honeybees, huge bumblebees, butterflies, garden snakes and … Sasha. Come take a look. Sit and enjoy. We get great feedback from casual visitors and Guest apartment visitors.

Along the West side of the garden, where Dave has run a few strips of drip irrigation, the Vinca, Plumbago, Roses, Violets, and Silver Lace vine (and a mystery plant with lovely violet flowers) have sprung back to life and are spreading across the bare areas. The transplanted lilacs and spirea are looking great. Amazing what a bit of water will do.

There is still a more weeding, pruning and fertilizing to be done. With the time taken to choose, purchase, place, plant and run drip to the new plantings we have fallen behind on weeding.




Dave and Alan have started a Spreadsheet tracking water usage for 630 Canyon Road over the years. It is attached to this report and will be updated each month and filled in for past years as data is made available. Water usage has fluctuated quite a lot over the years with monthly consumption as high as nearly 19,000 gallons in July of 1994 and July of 1995 and a low of 900 gallons in March 1995.

We have expended the following in the way of funds this year. Alan spent $40.02 on materials and fertilizers and $320.13 on plant material. Dave has indicated that he has spent a small amount on materials, but I don’t have the specifics to include ion this report. We believe that we are well under budget.

We have not needed to hire the Smallz Brothers for assistance with weeding. We could use more assistance from other Friends and friends to share in the work and companionship.

A reminder; current required levels of time and energy appear unsustainable unless others step forward and there will be a great loss of person power and time when Dave Wunker leaves us. We should begin to think about contracting out the Garden Maintenance.

After looking over the sitting area and considering a project to cover it with a Ramada that could host Wisteria, Clematis or Trumpeter Vine, I realize that the plantings would be tight to the Spirea and the Honey Locust as well as the Silver Lace vine. This is on hold for now.



1. At his request, we would like Meeting to acknowledge that Howard Shulman did not agreed to convene the Ad Hoc Garden Fundraising Committee that he had asked Meeting to approve. There appears to be no convener. The status of said committee is up in the air as neither Dave nor Alan has the time to take it on. Howard had previously agreed to contact people he thought might be interested in serving on such a Committee. We would defer to Howard to inform Business Meeting and the Garden Committee of the progress and status of this Committee.

2. We would like Meeting to approve a “Visitor’s Welcome” sign on the gate.

3. We would like Meeting to approve the installation of a small offering box in Garden for those who appreciate the garden and who would like to support it financially; a birdhouse so to speak.

4. Business Meeting needs to consider future planning as far as contracting Maintenance to an outside organization.


Respectfully submitted,

Alan Rogers

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