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FDS Parents Committee Report 5-10

First Day School parents' meeting of May 9. Present were Marty Carroll (First Day School teacher) and three parents: additionally, two other parents communicated by phone and/or email prior to the meeting with their thoughts and opinions. We considered and discussed these issues/topics:

1. Marty Carroll presented her plans to continue next year with a curricular plan built around several themes. These include the following: continuing to use the book series Godly Play, a widely available program to which Friends General Conference has added several lessons from the Quaker perspective; sessions devoted to Quaker history using examples of specific events from the past; sessions devoted to other religions and religious viewpoints. The parents expressed their strong support for this program.

2. We discussed the issue of lessons taken from the New Testament vs the Old Testament. The parents felt both were important, but the OT stories needed to be chosen especially judiciously.

3. Regarding the summer, several potential projects for the children were discussed, particularly with an eye toward involving the older children. The Roots and Shoots program, as well as the Bioneers and Heifer Project are all possibilities. It was recognized that summer attendance is much less predictable.

4. The First Day room was completely cleaned out two weeks ago and there is much more space available now. The bulletin board needs to be replaced, which will be done soon, and one of the cupboards needs repainting, which will be done during the summer. Since the materials will be donated, no additional funds are needed for either task.

The meeting concluded with a strong vote of confidence in Marty's work and an appreciation for all she has done to make our First Day School program an excellent one. Anyone who has questions about the First Day School is encouraged to contact either me or Marty Carroll.

Chris Johnson

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