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FDS Parents/Caregivers Committee - 9/8/13

FDS Parents/Caregivers Committee - 9/8/13 - 9:30 to 11:00 am

Present: Marty Carroll, Ariel Harrison, Rebecca Miles, James Hogan

1)      Discussion of FDS curriculum

a.       There was a general discussion of challenges for FDS especially as some of the current cohort enters the Middle School years – this is particularly challenging given the current culture with the influence of media etc. which places increasing stress on children in these years and results in the “loss of middle childhood” – this also coincides with when many children start to disengage with Meeting

b.      It was recognized that engaging children at this age is challenging – you often literally need to “scare” them to get their attention – also children in this age may be motivated by very different types of activities – pleasing the teacher/adult vs competing with their peers

c.       It was also recognized that children at this age also feel “stressed” and “over committed” with many of their current activities and based on previous discussions they don’t want meeting to become another commitment like this

d.      Some ideas suggested were:

                                                               i.      Walking meditation

                                                             ii.      Relate Quaker stories / values to current issues and pressures they might be experiencing

                                                            iii.      More active projects – building things

                                                           iv.      Have them present on projects or activities that they might be involved in outside of meeting

                                                             v.      Ask them for ideas they would like to see

2)      Future Planning Committee

a.       An update was provided on the current discussion of the Future Planning Committee – input was asked on the direction FDS would like to see in terms of input – the ideal of having two meeting rooms available for different age cohorts was agreed to by the FDS committee, although all recognized that this may not be possible.

3)      FDS Snacks

a.       The FDS committee discussed the role of snacks at FDS and if they should be continued – the committee reached consensus that snacks should be continued however juice will no longer be provided – only water; snacks provided (crackers etc.)  will be provided in small servings to each child rather than opening a bag and letting children grab as much as they want (or think they want)  

4)      FDS Space improvements

a.       Carpet – the committee again discussed the goal of getting a new carpet for the FDS room – we need to determine a suitable rug (or rugs) and the associated costs – with this in hand we could then work on fund raising to purchase the rug like we did with the swing-set – IKEA, World Market were discussed as two relatively inexpensive options

b.      The FDS room is again filling up and it was suggested that we again need to remind Meeting not to place donations in the FDS room without speaking to Marty or others on the FDS committee.  It was also suggested at that we have a meeting soon to clean the FDS room.

5)      Next Meetings

a.      October 13th – 12:15 to 1:30 (After meeting) – FDS Room Cleanup!

b.      November 10th – 9:30 -11:00 – Next Regular Meeting!




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