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Clerks and Committees

Clerks, Committees, and Liaisons

As of October 2014

Clerk: Jan-Willem Jansens

Recording Clerk: Peggy Giltrow

Treasurer: Greg Cliburn

Recorder: Philip Balcombe

Meeting Resident: David Murphy; 983-7241

Archivist: David Giltrow

Adult Education:  (convener),

Building:  David Giltrow (convener), Bettina Raphael, David Murphy (Resident is automatic member), and Guthrie Miller. Oversees maintenance and upkeep of the meetinghouse through workdays and special contracting as needed. Plans for future space needs and renovations.

Communications:  Marcy Pompei (convener)

Committee on Conscientious Objection: Howard Shulman (convener), Rachel Wood, Guthrie Miller

Finance: Bob Gaines (convener), Greg Cliburn (Treasurer), Roxanne Seagraves

Future Planning:  Frank Hirsch (convener), John Kretzmann, Philip Balcombe, Guthrie Miller

Garden:   (convener),

Good Works: David Henkel (convener)

History: David Giltrow (convener), Ford Robbins, Don McCaffery

Hospitality: Sara Gmitter


Meeting for Worship Greeter:

Ministry & Counsel: Allen Winchester, Clerk, Howard Shulman, Betsy Lombardi, Ann Lindsay, Karen Kuranz, and Margy Willen. The current Meeting clerk, Jan-Willem Jansens, is an ex officio member of M&C.  Contact any members for concerns/questions about Meeting. M & C attends to the quality of the meeting's spiritual life and reminds us of our Quaker principles in a secular society. Meeting-wide or personal concerns can be brought to M & C.

Naming Committee: to be appointed by business meeting after July 2014

Newsletter: Marcy Pompei, editor. Newsletter deadline is generally the fourth First Day. For submissions, e-mail to <>. To receive a mailed paper copy, contact Frances Salles <> or 471 4802. To be added or dropped from the email Newsletter and/or Announcements lists, contact <> or <> or call Marcy Pompei 988-8865.

Nominating:   Pam Gilchrist, James Hogan, and Karen Kuranz (Named by the Naming Committee and approved by the business meeting.)

Peace and Social Concerns:  Pam Gilchrist (convener).  Addresses selected issues that arise from Friends' traditional principles of nonviolence, speaking truth to power, social justice, and reconciliation at local, national and international levels.  They hold a monthly meeting the second First Day at the rise of Meeting.

Residence: Marty Carroll (convener), Carly Newfeld, David Murphy (Resident is automatic member).

Watching: Bettina Raphael, David Giltrow, and John Kretzmann

Young Friends:  Ariel Harrison (convener), Marty Carroll (teacher).

Worship Group Contacts:

Las Vegas: David Henkel

Los Alamos:

South Santa Fe: Allen Winchester

Taos (Clearlight): Irene Webb

Tres Pietras: Mary Wyse

Representatives and Contacts:

IMYM Representatives Committee: Allen Winchester

IMYM Nominating Committee: Allen Winchester

AFSC Contact:  Anna Darrow. Liaison with the American Friends Service Committee's Albuquerque office, Pasadena regional office, and Philadelphia national office.

FCNL Meeting Contact: Pam Gilchrist. Provides current news of FCNL action requests and issues which reflect FCNL's lobbying efforts in Washington.

Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts Contact: Ford Robbins (convener), Caroline Rackley

Pendle Hill Contact: Marty Carroll. Provides information on programs and publications.

NM Regional Meeting: Betsy Lombardi

Interfaith Leadership Alliance: Bob Gaines

Santa Fe Interfaith Peace and Social Concerns Network: Pam Gilchrist

Financial contributions to: Treasurer, SF Friends Meeting, 630 Canyon Rd., 87501. Make checks payable to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends.

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