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Policy for Newsletter and Email Lists and Website Proposal

Policy for Newsletter and Email Lists and Website Proposal

Santa Fe Meeting Communications Committee

Members and attenders can sign up for one or more of the Meeting's email communications by request to Marcy Pompei or Bob Gaines.

Monthly Newsletter:

Meeting times during the month
Committee activities
Regional and State events and announcements central to Meeting concerns
The monthly Query
Minutes of the Meeting for Worship to Attend to Business
Short submissions by members and attenders on topics of interest to the Meeting

Newsletter items must be sent to the Editor at least 3 days prior to the beginning of the month. The newsletter is typically emailed around the first of the month. It is also posted on the Meeting website.

Email Announcements List:

Urgent messages such as requests by members or attenders for assistance or announcements of immediate interest to the Meeting

Weekly Digest List:

Items which are not urgent will be sent weekly on Tuesday
Monthly meetings which are included in the Newsletter will not routinely also appear in the Digest
Announcements of events of other organizations may be included if they are directly related to issues or concerns with which the Meeting is currently engaged

Send urgent messages for the Email Announcements List and Digest announcements to the Editor or a member of the Communications Committee. Digest announcements must be received by Monday evening. One announcement per person per week. An announcement will ordinarily be run for no more than two weeks.

Peace and Social Concerns List:

Messages from local groups and organizations such as AFSC, FCNL, or Amnesty International that address Friends' broader concerns. The Peace and Social Concerns Committee will prepare the messages, which will be sent by the Editor or a member of the Communications Committee.

Website Proposal:

Currently, several areas of the website require a password to view (the ID is george and the password is george because individual passwords cannot be assigned). The Meeting agreed when the website was set up in 2006 to password-protect access to certain areas to protect individuals' contact information. The Meeting also agreed to not put the Meeting directory on the website.

The committee proposes to remove password protection from all areas. This would greatly simplify administration of the website and make all areas more readily available to members and attenders. The burden would then be on the persons providing material to be posted to assure that no contact info is included. The Meeting directory will continue to be available only on request and not on the website.

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