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Building Committee Report: Ninth Month, 15, 2013

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

Building Committee Report: Ninth Month, 15, 2013



The committee is following through on a series of earlier planning decisions. A list of items with general specifications has been created for discussion with interested contractors. The items include new interior and exterior works as well as maintenance categories. Several actions requiring Meeting’s consideration and approval follow.


1. Interior and exterior items to be performed by contractors include:


--Create accessible paved walkway in the garden area with extension to emergency exit gate (see next).

--Add emergency gate (non-vehicle use only) in western coyote fence, as suggested by SFFD.

--Install fireproof door for First Day schoolroom closet, as recommended by SFFD.

--Install small ramps for doorway between meetingroom and library to accommodate power chairs.

--Adjust and repair front gate for smoother opening and closing. Also provide general repairs to gate as needed.

--Repair guest apartment exterior shutters (outside GA kitchen window).

--Reverse hinges on window next to fireplace to allow greater ventilation of meetingroom.

--Explore costs and practicality of installing small dishwasher in kitchen (plumber’s estimate).

--Restore “flaps” in front garage doors to original position to allow opening/closing of the “security 2x4 board” from outside garage doors. Remove clear plastic panels currently in place which prevent above operation.

--Schedule main building roof inspection, estimate remaining lifetime of present roof, and make any needed roof repairs.


2. Other items on our year’s list of “things to be done” are routine jobs either completed by ourselves, such as window sill painting, or by regularly-used artisans/contractors, e.g. cleaning and inspection of space heaters plus lighting of pilot lights by licensed plumbing and heating contractor.


3. We are pursuing identification and solutions to excessive water use throughout the property with the garden committee. This may include purchase and installation of a water usage meter on the drip irrigation system.


4. At the request of several guest apartment users, we’ve equipped the guest apartment with a wi-fi modem along with upgrading the existing guest apartment telephone line for DSL service and Internet reception. The service area for the modem (restricted by an access code) extends throughout the building.


5. We have developed a “deep cleaning plan” for the guest apartment. It is similar to what has existed for the main meetinghouse interior for a number of years, but considers the irregularity of access to the guest apartment and is designed to supplement the existing cleaning undertaken by the resident between guest stays. This additional cleaning requires flexibility in scheduling an experienced cleaning person. The plan calls for up to six deep cleaning sessions per year, each session approximately 2-3 hours. It would also allow for special cleanings following extensive work in the guest apartment such as painting, plumbing work, electrical and other maintenance operations plus addressing less accessible cleaning areas such vigas, under the queen-sized bed, fan blades, windows, etc.




In anticipation of completing our list of needed work over the next few months and, in the case of the guest apartment deep cleaning plan, the calendar year, the committee seeks approval to spend the following estimated amounts which would be drawn from the Maintenance Account:


1. External and internal special projects using outside contractor(s)/labor: Rough estimate, to be made more precise following discussions with contractors, $7,000.


2. The introduction of wi-fi for the guest apartment was earlier approved. We’ll have the exact additional cost to our monthly telephone bill at the end of September. The estimated increase is about $50/month with an additional one time cost of the modem and setup at $50. This would total to roughly $650/year.


3. We request permission to add the guest apartment deep cleaning plan to maintain the facility to a higher standard (6 times/year x 3 hours x $20/hour) which will total $360 annually to the overhead expenses for the guest apartment.


4. This raises the need, as yet not discussed by the committee, for a review of the current suggested donation rates of $40 single, $50 double, for guest apartment residents. We ask the Meeting to allow the committee to investigate various choices of increased suggested donation rates for the guest apartment, based on several years’ past occupancy rates, to take effect on First Month, First Day, 2014. The committee would then request approval of any changes at the next business meeting.


Submitted by David Giltrow, convener First Draft 9/11/13

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