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Building Committee Report 3-14



Building Committee Report

Third month, 16, 2014


The committee met just ahead of the business meeting to review past projects for follow-up, projects now underway, and new undertakings. To summarize, in keeping with the Clerk’s request for brevity:

Water leak/sewer line. Two committee members will meet with SF Water Dept. officials next week to discuss our past water leakage problem and successful remedy plus how to remedy our sewer line misconnection caused by the Canyon Road main water line repair last August. The treasurer is providing back invoices and water records for this meeting.

Guest apartment bathtub fixture repair. We are still experiencing problems with hot water flow in the GA bathtub/shower. This will likely require replacement of the tub/shower fixture by a plumber. For a vintage bathtub, it may require some searching to find the proper fixture size.

Minor roof repairs; canale ice melting heat tape. As a follow-up on our roof inspection, we will arrange for suggested minor work on the meetinghouse’s roof, including adding additional gravel topping on the garage roof. In addition, the existing canale heat tape provision will expand to include the main roof’s two north facing canales.

Garage south entrance gate and garage window project. Former resident Dave Wunker has just installed an already-purchased gate to guard against children passing out of the meetinghouse grounds via the garage. Also, the window in the garage next to the meetingroom’s fireplace now opens outward to the north. Its hinges will be changed, allowing opening to the south. This change will provide increased air flow when prevailing breezes come from the south.

Accessible garden walkway. Our contractor will begin installing paving blocks on the main garden walkway starting the day after this business meeting and continuing for about ten days to two weeks. This project will also include a drain close to the backdoor at the start of the walkway to carry off water from entering the kitchen during heavy rainstorms. Dave Wunker is expected to also work on this project. There will be separate billing for his services.

Painting: First Day schoolroom and ramada. The new fire-resistant door and framing for the FDS supply closet were painted this week. A locking device will be added. Also, it is scraping and painting time for the ramada’s exterior window sills and frames. We expect this work to be done ahead of the much-anticipated summer rains.

Appraisal of Olive Rush paintings, archives and significant furniture. This issue arose several years ago from the finance committee in the context of adding insurance coverage to this category of the Meeting’s property. Our insurance company, Church Mutual, requires a licensed appraiser rather than gallery owners or others knowledgeable of the art/antique market, but who are not accredited appraisers. Funding for this special project could come from the Ann Baumann gift.


Respectfully submitted by David Giltrow, convener

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