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Building Committee 2014 Budget

Building Committee: 2014 Budget for Maintenance Account


The maintenance fund begins 2014 with an approximate balance of $21,000. Ongoing miscellaneous projects from the end of 2013 and continuing into 2014 will cost about $8,000 as noted below.


Estimated Income and Carryover Balance


Balance brought forward from 2013: $22,432

Projected income from 50% GA occupancy, AA weekly meeting, misc.: $ 9,000


Total carryover plus income by end 2014: $31,432

Estimated Expenditures


1. Maintenance as needed during year: $ 5,000

2. Specific planned projects: $ 8,500

3. Emergency reserve set aside: $ 5,000

4. Roof replacement set aside (accumulates) $..2,000

Total estimated 2014 expenditures (incl. emergency set aside): $20,500 



Net estimated balance in Maintenance Account end 2014: $ 10,932 (a)


(a) New balance assumes $7,000 expended from the two set asides for emergency and roof replacement


Rough breakdown of needed work with examples

Continuing maintenance and minor projects $5,000.

Wood preservation: outdoors, buildings and furniture (volunteer)

Guest apt.: portal guest apt. entrance (volunteer)

Guest apt.: replace bathtub/shower fixture (plumber)

Guest apt.: bathroom floor improvement (craftsman)

Guest apt.: improve kitchen space efficiency (craftsman)

Guest apt.: clean/wax floors as necessary (deep cleaner)

First Day schoolroom floor: patching, painting (craftsman)

Ramada: replace water heater (plumber), install door between bathroom and storage area (craftsman)

Meetingroom kitchen: analyze and repair “softening” floor (craftsman)


Possible emergency issues $5,000.

Note: It is the Meeting’s policy to retain a minimum in the maintenance account balance of $5,000 for emergencies. If expenditures are used as an “emergency”, other expenditure categories may be postponed.

Examples of emergency expenditures include repairs to electrical and plumbing systems, roof leaks, rising damp, gas appliances, etc. These repairs would address the main building, ramada and exterior damages.


Larger projects examples $5,500.

South garage doors restoration by donation (cost not included in above) (craftsman);

Canale drainage improvements, incl. electric tape for melting ice (craftsman);

Water delivery monitoring: install new drip irrigation system meter (craftsman);

Garden walkways: Improve surfaces with ADA considerations (craftsman);

1/16/14 dg

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