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Report to 1-11 Business Meeting

Adult Education Committee, 13th of First Month, 2011
Present: Wyn Lewis, Reuben Hersh, Pam Gilchrist, Ted Pomeroy
After a few minutes of greetings and getting settled, we were called into a few moments of silence to begin our meeting.
1) Good Works Committee threshing session dates. Wyn is under the impression that way is opening for GW to find another date. Adult Ed Committee prefers to maintain the schedule of 4th first days being set aside for adult ed. sessions. Wyn will contact Good Works to see if they continue in this request.
2) Elders Journeys to be presented soon. Ted and Njoroge Tho-Bias are researching  ways that people may present their stories. Committee members present discussed the importance of valuing our elders and celebrating their wisdom and experience. Reuben will invite two elders to participate, Ted will invite one. This led to a change in our schedule:
3) Proposed schedule of Fourth First Day Education discussions:
First Month - John Woolman, Ted P. as convener, a continuation from 11th Month.
Second Month - Elders Spiritual Journeys. We will ask 3 Elders if they will speak and lead.
Third Month - George Fox, Reuben H. as convener
Fourth Month - Lucretia Mott, Pam Gilchrist as convener
Fifth Month - To be determined, but current experience shows we may have carry-over themes from any of the sessions. Also note that this is the last session before the break for Yearly Meeting and the summer months.
4) David Henkel is interested in "Sabbath Economics".  Ted P. will contact him for more information.
5) Pam G. reports there will be a seminar in the spring by theologians on "Green Faith." Aimed at faith communities, the presenters typically are paid $2,000.00 for a weekend session. She will gather more info to see how this pertains to the AE committee.

Addendum: Helen Corneli and Joan Spencer have agreed to present their stories on February 27 as part of the Adult Ed. series.

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