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Corporation Meeting Agenda 2-14


The Corporation


The Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends

Fifth Annual Meeting Agenda

Third First Day, Second Month 2014


  1. Opening silence in the manner of Friends.

  2. Determination of a quorum, of members present (at least 10% (8) of those eligible (78) and of directors (at least two out of three).

  3. Reading and approval of minutes from Annual Meeting in 2013 (see below).

  4. Appointment of officers for 2014 (president and recording secretary).

  5. Announcement of Philip Balcombe’s request to lay down the corporation presidency and his directorship Request that Nominating Committee nominate and business Meeting appoint a replacement for him as soon as possible.

  6. Appointment of a registered agent for the corporation.

  7. Report on Corporation activity during the past year.

  8. Closing silence in the manner of Friends.

Minutes from Annual Meeting 2013

Meeting suspended at 12:47 to begin Corporation meeting.  Corporation
started in 2009, needed for legal proceedings.  It is under the
control of the Meeting.  One meeting a year required and that is the
purpose of meeting today.  At least 10% of corporation membership
needed for a quorum.  All members of the Meeting are included unless
they do not want to be included.  Attenders can be corporation members
if they request.  At least 10% of members were present.  Corporation
minutes from last year’s meeting distributed.  Appointment of officers
– President (Philip Balcombe) and Recording Secretary (Marguerite
Kearns) are willing to continue.  The three directors accept their
continued appointments.  However, Marguerite’s term as director
expires.  She was approved to continue.  Dave Wunker is willing to
continue serving as the resident agent for the corporation.  That was
also approved.  Acceptance of a bequest from Ann Baumann of about
$56,000 and a watercolor of Ann Baumann by Olive Rush the were the
only actions of the Corporation this year.    Another resident agent
will need to be appointed when Dave Wunker leaves.  Corporation
meeting closed in silence at 12:57 pm.

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