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SSFWG Request




August 27, 2013


Finance Committee

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

c/o Roxanne Seagraves

2281 Calle Pulido

Santa Fe NM 87505


Dear Roxanne,


On behalf of the South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group (SSFQWG), and at the request of Jan Willem Jansens, Clerk of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting (SFMM), I am writing to request the Finance Committee consider and recommend to SFMM Business Meeting a grant (or in the alternative, a loan) to SSFQWG in the amount of $8,000.


The purpose of the requested grant is, essentially, to cover unexpected renovation costs that have been incurred because of additional demands placed on us by the City of Santa Fe through it’s permitting process.


As you know, when SSFQWG came under the care of SFMM it had received a sizable gift that was used to rent the facility on Camino Carlos Ray, which was used on many occasions by SFMM, and Regional Meeting. We began searching for a replacement space approx. a year before the scheduled termination of our lease on July 31, 2013. We located such a space on James Avenue, but because of the failures of Bank of America which held the underlying mortgage, we ultimately were unable to close. We then began a second search which culminated in the purchase of the property located at 2098 Calle Ensenada. The purchase price was well within the remaining funds from our benefactor’s gift, resulting in a large fund with which to complete necessary renovations, based on the City’s Planning Department initial statement that we could renovate a residential property as an owner/builder. We commenced work on that understanding. During the work the City Inspector “red tagged” the property because we did not have the proper permits. It was during the resulting discussions with the City that we learned that they had changed their mind, took the position that this would be a commercial property in the end, and required us to meet commercial standards. The net effect is to put us beyond budget.


Attached is a budget spreadsheet reflecting current committed costs and costs anticipated to be incurred after our occupancy hearing before the Board of Adjustment on October 1, 2013. We have applied to use the premises as a building for religious practices. We anticipate that we will be granted the special use permit, but that after city inspections, we will be required to do the extra work set out in the budget. This extra work will be a precondition to our occupancy, so time is of the essence.


To summarize the financing, we currently have a little more than

$12,000 on deposit in various accounts. of which

(5,000) is our reserve, leaving

7,000 available for current committed expenses of

11,500 resulting in an overrun of



(4,500). We also anticipate additional expenses after 10/1/2013 of

(2,200) leaving a total overrun of



We can cover this overrun by using our reserve and contributions from attenders, thus leaving us with no reserve. Once completed, this facility will be available for all of SFMM to use. We do not believe, nor do we believe SFMM would agree, that it is prudent to operate without a reserve for unexpected contingencies. It is unfortunate that our original gift has become insufficient to cover all costs. We wish it were otherwise. Yet, SFMM currently is able to meet our request because of recent bequests, and we believe it appropriate under the circumstances to make our request.


We ask that you give our request careful consideration.


In the Spirit,



Nichoe Lichen and Ford Robbins

On Behalf of

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group

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