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Proposal for cleaning up and securing meetinghouse after meeting

As no one has stepped forward to convene the housekeeping committee, Pam Geyer and Bob Gaines propose the following.
(1)  Closing and securing the Meeting House.  The meeting house will be closed and secured by M & C on first Sunday, and Business Meeting on third Sunday.  Business meeting and M&C should designate specific persons trained to lock up on the Sundays they meet.  The meeting house will close at 1 PM on second, fourth, and fifth Sundays.  It is hoped that the resident will agree to take on this duty.
(2) Coffee and tea will no longer be served on the portale.  This relieves the closer of the need to clean the meeting house prior to locking up.  If persons who wish to have coffee and tea available are willing to make a firm and regular commitment to monitoring and purchasing supplies, preparing the coffee and accoutrements, and properly cleaning up afterwards, this policy can be altered.
(3) Potluck Sunday  requires two persons to commit to clean up afterwards.  This provides for both teamwork and backup should one person become suddenly unavailable.  A list of first Sundays can be passed around each Sunday after 11:00 worship with areas for two persons to sign their names and phone numbers after the first Sunday of each month.  This allows persons to sign up well ahead of time, and also reminds persons who have already signed up which Sunday they have committed to.  At Business Meeting this list will be reviewed.  If two people are not signed up for the upcoming potluck, that potluck will be cancelled, and this will be noted in the minutes and Digests.
(4)  Meeting for Muffins will clean up after itself prior to 11 o'clock worship.
(5)  If there are threshing or worship sharing sessions that extend beyond 1 pm, there must be a specifically designated person who is trained to do the cleanup and lock up. Committees should meet either earlier on Sunday or elsewhere.

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