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State of the Meeting Report 2011-2012

State of the Meeting Report to Intermountain Yearly Meeting 2011-2012 Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

In the past year Santa Fe Meeting has done well. We continue to hope that our good works have matched our spiritual intentions. Meetings for Worship have been consistently well attended, with abundant vocal ministry, and at other times the depth of silence has been nurturing to many. Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business have been well attended and fruitful.

We continue deliberations about a future Meeting space because sometimes the 11:00 Canyon Road Meeting is filled and overflowing to the library and the portal. Our main meeting room holds about fifty worshipers. The future planning committee is still at work. Both the 9:00 a.m. Canyon Road Meeting, and the 10:30 a.m. South Santa Fe Worship Group consistently have about ten to fifteen attenders.

We have several families with young children so our First Day School Program has been lively this year. The First Day School Committee and better coordination have both helped provide more structure. More attention has been paid this year to basic Quaker principles and practices, and how to show care and respect for one another. Children have also learned about other religions of the world. Some days the First Day School room is as full as the main meeting room is.

Adult First Day programs include frequent discussions at the rise of potluck on the first First Day of the month. On the second First Day, we have a discussion centering around a Friends Journal article between the 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Meetings. The Religious Education Committee has provided discussions after meeting on the 4th First Days around the topics of discernment and clearness. They also sponsored some meaningful sessions with several elders who shared their spiritual experiences with us. One First Day we heard Reflections on Lucretia Mott presented by one of her descendants. Fifth Sunday Meeting for Muffins between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Meetings continues with good cheer.

Our good works budget includes financial contributions to fifteen local organizations which help meet pressing needs for food and shelter for children, youth, and adults who are struggling with homelessness. Friends continue to be involved in the Inter-Faith Leadership Alliance and programs for homeless people such as Envision Santa Fe. At Thanksgiving many of us joined our potluck skills to provide a Thanksgiving Dinner for about eighty people at the shelter. We contribute to ten Quaker organizations which are active on more national levels. We continue to support the Alternatives to Violence Northern New Mexico programs at both the men's and women's prisons here. We note that eight members and attenders serve in Yearly Meeting positions and on committees. Participation by members and attenders in the ongoing committee work of the Santa Fe Meeting continues to be strong. In August we hosted the IMYM Executive Committee at South Santa Fe's space.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee has encouraged member involvement on current issues from Occupy to climate change. The committee has been very active this year and has studied many of the threats we face due to actions and inaction by national, state and local governments that are increasingly controlled by corporations more than is beneficial to the general public, the environment, and the welfare of democracy and citizen's rights. Peace and Social Concerns and the Meeting held a special Meeting for Worship at the Occupy Santa Fe Encampment at their request in December. About thirty people participated. Several in the Meeting have been active in the Occupy movement and have provided insights about non-violence and group decision-making.

Several in the Meeting continue to be active on immigrant issues. At the legislature there was an attempt to rescind NM driver's license availability to foreign nationals who have federal income tax identification numbers and other necessary documentation. The law had resulted in a great decrease in the number of uninsured drivers in NM and increased state revenues. Changes in the law were successfully opposed.

Work in the past years on the building, garden, and grounds of the Meeting are beginning to show results of careful planning and diligent maintenance. The ramada was re-roofed. The Meeting received the Architectural Stewardship Award of 2011 from the Historic Santa Fe Foundation in June. Garden workdays have been coordinated by our capable garden committee. We treasure the beauty that is provided. We are especially mindful of the drought here in New Mexico and of the effects of the mega-forest fires in NM and Arizona this past year. The Tsunami in Japan also held our attention and concerns for people and the environment. We are aware that in the world, many things are difficult for many people.

We changed the name of Ministry and Oversight to Ministry and Counsel to better reflect the work of that committee. About eighteen individual Friends have come under the care of the committee in this past year. Former tensions in the Meeting around First Day School issues were eased by listening sessions with individuals and with a Meeting for Worship for Listening with Compassion in May. We sense improvement from everyone paying more attention to showing respect for other people's perspectives and cultures. We feel the Meeting is in a stronger spiritual place than it was before our difficulties arose.

Jean Malcomb, an attender for several years who came to us from San Diego Meeting, passed away in May of 2011. We were also been saddened by the death of Joann McCaffrey in January. She was a long time attender of our meeting. We held one marriage under our care in the spring of 2011, for Maxx Cassidy and Suzanne Stradling.

Since our last report on worship groups under our care, the Taos Clearlight Worship Group now has a regular place for their meetings on the second and last First Days of the month. The Las Vegas Worship Group continues meeting at either Juniper Hill or in Las Vegas on the second and fourth First Days. Los Alamos Worship Group is struggling a bit because they do not have a regular place to meet. The South Santa Fe Worship Group continues meeting each First Day at 10:30 a.m. and they have set up a planning committee to consider what to do when their lease expires in a few years time. Ministry and Counsel sent visitors to the groups which requested assistance.

We hope to continue to be led by the Spirit as we try to discern Truth for ourselves and share it with those around us.

Prepared by Ministry and Counsel, March 2012

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