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M&C Report

Ministry and Counsel Committee Report

Sixth Month 2012


Ministry and Counsel Committee met on the Third Day of Sixth Month at 1:30 p.m. in the Meetinghouse.


Present: John Kretzmann, (Co-Clerk), Rebecca Henderson (Co-Clerk), Ann Beauchamp, Greg Cliburn, Bob Gaines (ex-officio), Pam Gilchrist


Meeting Time for Seventh Month: July 1, 1:30, First Day School Room.


Fifth Month Minutes: Postponed to Seventh Month, as most members had not had an opportunity to review.


Check-Ins: We briefly shared consideration of our various situations. This was the last committee meeting for Bob, Pam, Rebecca, and John. We are grateful for their loving work on behalf of the Meeting.


Observations of the Spiritual Life of the Nine O’Clock and 11 O’Clock Canyon Road Meetings for Worship: At 11 o’clock, attendance is strong and vocal ministry is deep. Attenders at nine o’clock continue to give special attention to the care of an attender in trouble.


Meeting Closings for Seventh Month: Ann will close 11 o’clock meeting for worship.


Query for Seventh Month: Continuing in the Worship section of the IMYM Advices and Queries, “Are we careful to ensure that we leave time between spoken messages so that they may be absorbed by those for whom they are intended?”


Absent Members and Members at a Distance: Bob reported that letters have been sent to identified members by e-mail when possible (15), and otherwise by “snail mail” (25). Some have been returned as undeliverable, and some responses have been received. Bob will continue to report to the committee as more responses come in.


  • Judith Duncan. Letter returned as undeliverable. Judith’s address is in El Prado; Rebecca will ask Irene Webb of the Taos Worship Group to follow up.

  • Ann Lown. Refused multiple phone calls from Pam.

  • Barbara Riley and Zeke. Have reaffirmed their desire to continue as members.

  • Roger Sanders. Unable to contact.


The committee aims to conclude this project by the beginning of Ninth Month. Meanwhile, we will publish the “absent and distant members” letter for all to read in the weekly digest, with an introduction by Rebecca. Later in the project we will publish the names of those members we have tried to contact but have not heard back from. At a later time the committee will take up questions about the status of those who were junior/associate members, those who may believe themselves to be members by virtue of having “grown up in the Meeting,” and whether to encourage those living at a distance to transfer their membership to a nearby meeting, as recommended in Faith and Practice.


Membership: Action items:

  • The committee received the report of the clearness committee and recommends that the Meeting accept Allen Winchester as a member. John will contact Allen.

  • As a result of the process of attempting to contact absent and distant members, the committee recommends that the Meeting terminate the memberships of Ann Lown and Roger Sanders, in keeping with IMYM Faith and Practice, pp. 86-87.


Memorial Minutes: John is committed to completing the minute for Joanne McCaffrey and is trying to get input from Don. Rebecca asks that the new committee take up work on the minute for Jean Malcomb; we will try to get a copy of a minute from her home meeting.


Care of Individuals: We considered the various situations of individuals under our care.


Worship Groups:

  • Irene Webb is the new liaison for Taos.

  • The clerk of the Meeting will communicate to the IMYM clerk that Tres Piedras is now under our care; Mary Wyse will keep Ann informed about Tres Piedras.

  • Pam and John, who are both on the Future Planning Committee, will look into how to ensure South Santa Fe is appropriately included in that committee’s work.

  • We do not have news from Las Vegas or Los Alamos.

We are reminded that Ministry and Counsel should make sure worship groups are informed about activities of the quarterly and yearly meetings. Liaisons should remind members who attend worship groups to consider their financial support of the Meeting.


Closing Meeting for Worship. More discussion is needed about standard announcements (identifying Ministry and Counsel members, opportunities for service to the Meeting, signing up for e-mails and newsletter, etc.).


Committee Transition. Greg will convene the committee’s Seventh Month meeting and will contact Nominating Committee about who will serve as committee clerk. Rebecca will organize committee records and circulate a draft “calendar” of committee tasks and responsibilities. We recommend to Nominating Committee that Allen Winchester be added to Ministry and Counsel as a representative of the South Santa Fe worship group.


Prepared on behalf of the Ministry and Counsel Committee by Greg Cliburn


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