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Agenda for July 17 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

"Friends’ way of conducting business is of central importance to the very existence of the monthly meeting. It is the Quaker way of living and working together; it is the way that creates and preserves a sense of fellowship in the meeting community. Friends must be mindful to conduct the business meeting as a meeting for worship with a concern for business. Those present help the meeting by exercising a spirit of wisdom, forbearance, and love. The right conduct of business meetings, even in routine matters, is a vital part of the worship experience. Individuals’ submitting themselves to the corporate revelation of Truth forms the basis of Friends’ approach to unity." - IMYM Faith and Practice, Advices, p. 119.

Agenda – July 17, 2011

Minutes for Sixth Month

Nominating Committee Report

Residence Committee - proposal for new agreement with resident

Ministry and Oversight Committee Report

Peace and Social Concerns Committee Report

Treasurer's Report

Finance Committee - proposed minute for Lee Carter's bequest

Request from Sharon Fitzpatrick

Resident's Report


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