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Questions From the Good Works Committee

Good Works Committee is beginning the process of proposing a budget for Good Works to Finance Committee and to Business Meeting for 2011.

We are requesting that members and attenders of Meeting consider our proposal and provide us with feedback over the next two weeks so that we can massage our recommendations to reflect the sense of Meeting regarding Good Works.

What is/are Good Works? Good Works constitutes the monetary support (separate from individual and Meeting person power support) of organizations that provide services that are aligned with Quaker concerns. These organizations are local as well as regional, national and international. They are Quaker and non-Quaker. SF Friends Meeting has historically attempted to devote 50% of it's budget to such causes. The resources to fund Good Works (and the entire SF Friends Meeting Budget) comes from viewers like you.

Since you/we are funding these Good Works we would like to solicit your input in the following areas.

In 2010 Meeting cut back on Good Works by roughly 33% due to a decrease in donations to Meeting in 2009 that had led to a budget shortfall. Most of that cut back in support of Good Works organizations occurred in local community organizations, which were cut by roughly 66%, while support of our own Quaker community, regional Quaker organizations and broader Quaker organizations were cut by minimal amounts. During 2010, we appear to be on track to meet the financial "obligation" that we have asked of ourselves. In 2010, Good Works represents roughly 40% of the budget for our Meeting, down from the 50% bar we had set for ourselves: $9910 for Good Works in a Total Budget of $25,465.

Therefore, the Good Works Committee would like to propose a Good Works Budget for 2011 that is the same as 2010, but invite comment. Even though, perhaps especially because, times are tough, we would like to ask Meeting to consider an increase in the Good Works Budget proposal of roughly 15% from our 2010 level of $9910 to $11,500 for 2011. We suggest that we ask ourselves if we are willing to commit to meeting such an increase? We also would like to ask how best to apply such an increase? We would propose that we consider directing it back to the very local organizations from whom we reduced our donations in 2010. We ask, therefore, are we donating to the organizations that Friends feel are appropriate, most in need and who most reflect Quaker concerns? Are there some that are more in need than others? Some more worthy than others? Some that are no longer in need or who should perhaps be removed from our list of organizations to whom we donate? Are there organizations who are not on our list who should be?

Suggestions to date include the following:
Consider adding the following organizations:
Envision Santa Fe (Perhaps to the tune of $1000/year to help address homelessness)
Friends Journal (currently under financial stress)
Organizations that support Prisoners and their families (Does anyone know of specific organizations?)
Organizations that support damaged veterans (Does anyone know of specific organizations?)
Organizations that are at work in the communities of the worship groups that are under the care of our Meeting (Does anyone know of specific organizations?)

Please review the attachment to see how we, as Meeting, are currently giving to Good Works.

Please respond to any one of us on the Good Works Committee, either in person following rise of Meeting in the next 2 weeks or via email.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

Rebecca Allahyari <>
Alan Rogers <>
Henkel David <>

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