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2010 IMYM Queries


Greetings to Friends in all the Monthly Meetings of Intermountain Yearly Meeting:
2011 Theme and Resource Person:
The Yearly Meeting Annual Gathering to be held June 12-19, 2011 at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, will focus on the Theme of “Confronting Racism: The Heart Work Within.” Our guest speaker will be Niyonu Spann, noted musician, organizational developer, and creator of the Beyond Diversity 101 workshops. Niyonu recently served 4 years as Dean of Pendle Hill, a Quaker adult study center and is active on the Friends General Conference Committee for Ministry on Racism. She is also the founder and director of Tribe 1, a singing and drumming performing group.
Niyonu stresses the need for “vigorous truth telling and unrelenting heart-connection” in learning to know and love people who are different from us. Many of us acknowledge that the Religious Society of Friends is not always welcoming to people of color and to those whom we see as somehow different whether because of social class, gender, sexual orientation, age or other characteristics. Her work is designed to help us move beyond the vicious cycles embedded in society and our own souls, to take responsibility for our buried ideas, and to develop effective skills for truly abolishing systematic discrimination within and without.
Request for interest groups:
If you are led, it is not too early to consider and prepare to lead an Interest Group at IMYM 2011, especially if it is related to our theme. Interest Groups that meet the deadline for registration packet (Feb, 2011) should get priority for spaces and consideration. Later additions may have to use mesa, etc. We would like to encourage everyone to make their own special equipment arrangement; especially, laptops and computer projectors.

We are pleased to send this fall letter with queries we want to lay before Friends for discussion and discernment in your Meetings and Worship Groups.
We ask that your Meeting share these queries in whatever ways work best for you and that you prepare responses to be reviewed at the Continuing Committee meeting at Tempe, AZ on January 21-22, 2011. We know that it is sometimes a challenge for Monthly Meetings to find effective ways to give full and informed consideration to these queries, although over the years your Meeting has probably adopted a traditional method of doing so. It is not necessary to come to unity in a formal minute-- it is often more helpful to Continuing Committee or the Yearly Meeting Business Sessions if a summary of the range of ideas and responses from within each Meeting can be shared fully and then considered in the light of the Spirit. Of course we would be very interested in any conclusions that could be described as the sense of your Meeting. Even though the queries concern IMYM or the Annual Gathering, some aspects of them are relevant to Friends who seldom attend the Gathering and may know little about IMYM. Continuing Committee can profit from their responses as well.
Meeting responses should be sent to Becky & Bob Schroeder by e-mail at before December 25, so that they may prepare a summary for Continuing Committee that will be part of the agenda of the January meeting. Continuing Committee has the authority to act on behalf of the Yearly Meeting between sessions and can only reflect the leadings of individual members if it has their thoughtful responses.


Friends General Conference (FGC) has requested direct access (mailing & e-mail address) to Quakers affiliated with FGC. Executive Committee has recommended that IMYM proceed with the creation of an IMYM members and attenders directory.
Query I. What recommendations, if any, does your monthly meeting have for doing this?
You may consider the following questions in discussing this Query, but please don’t feel constrained by them in any way:
What other uses would Friends make of the directory?
Would Monthly Meetings develop their own monthly Meeting directory from this database?
Should it be a paper directory or an e-directory or both?
How will Friend be able to opt-in or out of inclusion in the directory?
Who would maintain and update the Directory?

The foregoing questions assume a positive response to the Query, for the most part. Please report also your Meeting’s or Friends’ significant negative responses and the considerations underlying them.


Originally IMYM was four days long. It started Wednesday afternoon and ended Sunday at noon. Early days were added when we returned to Ghost Ranch. The traditional four day schedule for IMYM is so packed with events that we have a number of schedule conflicts and our time for worship and meeting for business is constrained.

Query II. Would your Meeting favor starting Yearly Meeting on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, so that Yearly Meeting gains an extra day?

IMYM exists to enrich the life of the Monthly Meetings and their Members/Attenders. Besides the annual gathering IMYM has provided opportunities in the past to Monthly Meetings and Members via the AFSC/IMYM Joint Service Project, traveling ministry Brinton Visitors program, development of the IMYM Faith & Practice, etc.
QUERY III. What can IMYM do for monthly meetings? How could there be more back and forth between IMYM and monthly meetings?

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