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Good Works Committee Invites Your Thoughts and Concerns

Good Works Committee Invites Your Thoughts and Concerns

October 2009


Do we regard our time, talents, energy, money, material possessions, and other resources as gifts from God, to be held in trust and shared according to the Light we are given? How do we witness to this conviction in our lives? Do we investigate the companies in which our money is invested, avoiding investing in those whose practice undermine our Quaker testimonies and values?

(Faith and Practice, 2009: 139)

Our Questions for Meeting:
1. Should we continue to budget the same amount for Good Works as we spend to operate the Meeting?

2. Are we donating to the right organizations?

3. Would friends be willing to rethink the manner in which they make their donations to Meeting?

Some Background to these Questions:
  1. Despite a shortfall in the general fund of $3000 at the end of 2008, Meeting re-committed to funding Good Works to the same level in 2009 that we fund expenses of the Meeting. (The is the concept of parity.)We feel it would helpful for Friends to weigh in with thoughts to guide us for planning for 2010. Can we afford to continue this commitment to parity, individually and collectively?

  1. It would be helpful to have Friends weigh in on how they feel about the organizations we are currently supporting. Are there any we should re-think or remove? Are there others in our community we should be supporting? Are there some that clearly need our support to a greater extent than currently supported? (A list of the organizations and concerns we are supporting in the Good Works portion of the 2009 budget follows below this message.)

  1. Per Faith and Practice (2009: 78), “Membership involves a willingness to attend meetings regularly, both those for membership and those for business; to give service through committees and otherwise as the way opens; and to share in financial responsibilities.”

We invite attenders and members to join us in this consideration of our budget. It may be helpful to re-consider how we give to the Meeting. Our bills come monthly and the Meeting has the discretion to try to match our donations to the Good Works’ organizations as best meets their needs. It would be useful as the year progresses for Meeting to be able to assess how closely our received donations are matching our commitment to donate to those in need in our local community.

To this goal, it would be helpful if Friends might donate quarterly, or even monthly, to Meeting. Giving may be easier for many if done via electronic bank transfer – a form for the Treasurer with a description of how this may be done can be found at

In closing, members of the Good Works Committee will be available by e-mail and telephone, as well as the rise of Meeting on 11 October at which time we will offer a brief presentation on these issues and consider Meetings’ concerns and suggestions.
Members are: Rebecca Allahyari  | Peggy Giltrow  | Alan Rogers  |
Wyn Lewis (see the Meeting directory for contact information)

2009 Good Works Budget
IMYM Assessment (Each Meeting in Intermountain Yearly Meeting is assessed $45 per member.) $4230

Our Own Quaker Community
Emergencies $400
Scholarships $1500
Sufferings $100
Subtotal $2000

Broader Quaker Concerns
AFSC – American Friends Service Committee, $750
FCNL – Friends Committee on National Legislation, $600
FWCC – Friends World Committee for Consultation $150
Friends Peace Teams $500
Pendle Hill $100
QEW – Quaker Earthcare Witness $150
QUNO – Quaker United Nations Office $100
RSWR – Right Sharing of World Resources $150
Subtotal $2500

Local Community Needs
As Needs Arise $600
Adelante-SF Public Schools (new) $300
AVP – Alternatives to Violence $400
Bienvenidos Outreach (new) $300
Community Farm $300
Esperanza $400
Faith at Work (new) $500
Food Depot $400
Interfaith Community Shelter Group (new) $500
Interfaith Leadership Alliance (new) $125
La Familia $100
New Mexico Repeal the Death Penalty (completed) $500
Open Hands $500
St. Elizabeth Shelter $500
Santa Fe Rape Crisis $300
Somos Un Pueblo Unido $500
Villa Therese Clinic $400
Youth Shelter $300

Subtotal $6925

Total Good Works Budget (Including IMYM) $15655

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