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Ministry & Oversight Committee Report 8-09


8th MONTH, 2009

REPORT TO Business Meeting

M&O met in the garden on the first first day of eighth month, 2009 at 9.15 am. Present were Michael Simon, Eliza Kretzmann, Martha Davis, Joan Spencer, Bob Gaines, ex officio and Philip Balcombe, Clerk.

Meeting began with silent worship followed by a sharing of personal concerns and a discussion of care for individual lives and of worship groups. No urgent concerns were expressed. As part of our maintaining a connection with our worship groups, Martha will be in touch monthly with Rebecca Henderson and Pelican Lee, Meeting’s liaisons with Clearlight Worship Group. Philip agreed to speak with Margi Willen about keeping the committee connected with our 9 o’clock Meeting here on Canyon Road.

The Query for 9th month will be:

“How do we ask for assistance in responding to our individual leadings?”

Matters of Concern

Martha agreed to take over as our committee’s contact for those seeking care, in September. Philip will continue as the contact until then.

Eliza agreed to break 11 o’clock Meeting in August, Roxanne in October and Joan in November. September awaits coverage, as do all months after November.

M&O is dealing with concerns brought by several individuals, following up on and making arrangements for clearness committees.

In response to Philip’s concern about little witness in Meeting outside of Joys, Sorrows & Concerns, members suggested addressing the issue through the monthly query and/or a called Meeting after potluck. We agreed to propose the latter to Business Meeting. Philip also expressed concern about a tendency for introductions and announcements being made during J,S&C rather than in the usual time place Meeting.

Bob agreed to provide a list of members of our Meeting not recently heard from (about half our membership) so that we might begin figuring out how to contact them. A call from someone in the meeting who knows them and an invitation to potluck were suggested as ways to reach out to them.

We agreed that a Query addressing the issue of appropriate response to email in the context of friendly response to communication in general might be an adequate response to concerns expressed about intemperate response to email.

We agreed to hold over a discussion of the purposes of a Ministry & Oversight Committee until next month. We agreed to come to September’s meeting prepared for that discussion with our own thoughts about the subject.

A discussion of what to do about members who cannot be contacted was laid over until next month.

The meeting ended with a period of silent worship.

Respectfully submitted,
Philip Balcombe, Clerk of M&O.

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