A      LETTER       TO       FRIENDS

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting       7th Month 2006           

Calendar of Events

All events to be held at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, unless otherwise noted.

Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. 

Childcare and teen First-Day School are provided during the 11 a.m. service.


Sunday, July 2          10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing

                                    12:10 a. m.  Potluck following 11 a.m. Meeting


Sunday, July 9             9:15 a. m. Ministry and Oversight Committee, guest apartment.  Friends with

                                       concerns to bring before the committee, please come at 10:00

                                    10:00 a. m. Draft and Military Counseling Committee. 

                                       10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    Spiritual Nurturing group meets at Rise of Meeting.  All are welcome


Sunday, July 16           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room                               

                                    12:10 p. m.  Meeting for Worship for Business 


Sunday, July 23           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:00 a. m.  Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Library                                                                                                              


Sunday, July 30           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room


Sunday, Aug. 6            10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing

                                    12:10 a. m.  Potluck at rise of 11 a.m. Meeting


Attention All Committee and Group Members:  Please send calendar items to the newsletter editor at katemoses at earthlink.net.  The editor is not aware of committee meetings, events, etc., unless you make her aware.  Help get the word out!  Please include date, time, place, and description of events.  Thanks.  --ed.

Query for August: 

In what ways does your life reflect your faith?  In what ways does your faith illuminate your life?

Dates Proposed For Fall - Mark Your Calendar

Visioning Meeting. A discussion in our Meeting community about a vision for the future of our Meeting. August 27 from 5:30 p.m. into the evening, in the Meeting House, with potluck dinner. 

Pizza Party for Young Adult Friends. Social time and discussion on how these Friends want to participate in our Meeting.  September 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Garden

Committee Clerks Meeting.  To discuss procedures and decisions as committees and groups work together in our Quaker Meeting.  Includes M & O, officers, and any others who want to participate. September 24 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. at Beverly Busching’s house 

Good Works Meeting. Open discussion on what Good Works our Meeting should consider for funding. October 8 at rise of meeting.

Olive Rush Appreciation Day.  Information about and celebration of Olive Rush, and the history and importance of her bequest to our Meeting (this year 40 years ago). October 29 at rise of meeting in the Meeting house, with potluck. 


A Warm Welcome to Peg Martin, New Meetinghouse Resident,

and a Grateful Farewell To Roland Pool


The Meeting welcomes Peg Martin, the new Meetinghouse ramada resident.  Peg will be with us as of 1 September.  She will be painting the interior of the ramada and moving her things in.  She would welcome your help with these tasks, and your help could be a good way to welcome her.  

We extend farewell wishes and thanks to Roland Pool, and wish him the best in all of his post-resident endeavors.


The Residence Committee reports that:


PEG MARTIN, Heartland Monthly Meeting, Wichita, Kansas is the recommendation of the residence committee for the next resident Friend, to begin Sept. 1, 2006


The residence committee advertised the position for three months in Friends Journal and Friends Bulletin, as well as on Friends’ websites.  We had around 20 requests for applications.  Five people completed applications with references, and we interviewed four of them.  From that group we chose Peg for the following reasons:


She seems comfortable with the practice of hospitality and has an openness to caring for guests and being a presence: she owned and operated a retreat house for nine years, and holds weekend retreats now at her meeting and elsewhere.


She’s insightful about spiritual aspects of Quakerism, has practiced spiritual direction and spiritual companionship (has a degree in pastoral care from Friends University (Quaker) in Wichita, KS) and was excited to hear we have spiritual formation groups.


She has edited the newsletter for Peace Connections in Newton, KS.


She ran a volunteer mentoring program for at-risk kids in Newton Public Schools.


In contacting and interviewing Peg we found her to be clear and simple on the telephone and in person.  She’s been unpretentious, good-humored, smart and reflective in her answers to our questions plus had questions of her own and perspectives about meeting life.


She seems seriously interested in being part of our community. 


She’ll bring Buster, her fourteen-year-old, twenty-five pound arthritic dog, who sleeps most of the time, and when awake totters around a little and seldom barks—when he does it’s one bark only.


Peg’s letters of reference all mention her spirituality:  “Her attention to detail, ability to create a sacred space and her own commitment to prayer, permeated the surroundings” [at her retreat center], “Peg’s strong but quiet character and clear thought,” and “she keeps her commitments to herself and others.”


Our committee is in unity in recommending Peg.




Philippine Senate and House Vote Overwhelmingly to Abolish Death Penalty


On June 6, the Philippine Senate voted with no negative votes to abolish the death penalty.  Even senators who supported the death penalty voted for abolition.  Life without parole sentences or 40 years in prison will be substituted for execution, depending on the offense.   President Arroyo is strongly in favor of the effort to end the death penalty.  Under the bill, all death sentences will be commuted to life sentences.

One of the senators who was hesitant about ending capital punishment, Sen. Richard Gordon, ne
vertheless said, "It is so easy to kill a person to bring him to justice, but the lifetime suffering of a nation when it finds out that it has made a mistake is indelible."  Some of Gordon's family members had been murdered earlier.

On the same day, the Philippine House of Representati
ves voted 119-20 for a similar bill outlawing capital punishment.  The two bodies are expected to reconcile differences in their bills and President Arroyo is expected to sign the final version of the legislation.
The death penalty had been re-established in the
Philippines in 1993.  There have been 7 executions since then.  Lethal injection was the method of  execution.  There are currently 1,022 inmates on death row. (Daily Tribune and InQ7.net, June 7, 2006).


Submitted by Joan Spencer (who retrieved it from http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/article.php?did=1793&scid=64), in the hope that New Mexico can do the same.


Minutes of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Fourth First Day, Sixth Month                           June 25, 2006


Meeting opened with a reading from IMYM Faith and Practice, and a period of silence.


Present:  Frank Hirsch, Rebecca Henderson, Ann Anthony, Roland Pool, Philip Balcombe, Peggy Giltrow, Rebecca Cecil, David Giltrow, David Henkel, Beverly Busching (clerk), and Nina Sammons.


The minutes from the Fifth Month Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business were approved.


Treasurer’s Report (Frank Hirsch)

The balance for the General Fund was $5,759.38.  The Maintenance Fund’s balance was $9,291.05.  Treasurer’s report for Fifth Month was accepted.  There was a discussion of insurance policy options, as our current insurer, Church Mutual Insurance Company, has substantially raised the premium.  Friends approved payment of the next two premiums, and encouraged further research before reaching a decision on changing policies.


Nominating Committee.  (Philip Balcombe)

Friends approved on second reading the following nominations:


Clerk: Beverly Busching (Clerk apparent: not yet apparent), Treasurer: Frank Hirsch,

 Recorder: Nina Sammons, Recording Clerk(s):    Mary Ray Cate & Peggy Giltrow.


Ministry & Oversight:  Beverly Busching (as Meeting Clerk), Reuben Hersh, Anne McLaughlin,

Roland Pool, (all continuing), and Dmitri Mihalas, and Philip Balcombe (new).

 Gardening Committee  Kip & Helen Corneli, Jennifer Wellington, Eliza Packard, Jesse Cross, Carolina Sherman, Michael Simon and in an advisory capacity and as first convener, Jan-Willem Jansens.

History Committee  Ford Robbins, David Giltrow and Don McCaffery


Friends approved on first reading the following nominations:

Ministry and Oversight:  Ford Robbins, Clerk.  (Steve Spencer withdrew his name from the nominations.)

Peace & Social Concerns  Ann Anthony

Resident's Committee  Bob Gaines

Fellowship Committee  Bob Gaines, as first convener, and Margi Willen.

Greeter  Eliza Packard

Young Friends Committee  Betsy Bartels, first convener, Nina Sammons, Ariel Harrison and Jim Valenti.

Library Committee  Jonathan Ashworth



Friends approved the Nominating Committee’s recommendations, and expressed gratitude for the time and energy the committee members have put forth in completing their charge


Peace and Social Concerns Committee. (Ann Anthony)

Peace and Social Concerns Committee will be on hiatus until September. They welcome new members who are asked to contact Ann Anthony or Connie Durand


Ministry and Oversight Committee (Reuben Hersch, acting convener, Roland Pool reported to Meeting)

Las Vegas Friends will be invited to attend the Olive Rush Appreciation Day.  We reviewed several future meetings and events, which we present to Business meeting.  Roland Pool requests volunteer help to host a pizza party for Young Adult Friends to be held on September 10, 2006 at 6:30 pm


We received a request from David Giltrow for a proposal for an inventory and description of the Olive Rush archives, paintings and furniture in the meeting’s possession. A data base will be constructed for the inventory by Kate Pope, a student conservator from Kalamazoo College, along with a team of volunteer Friends. This was a matter of some urgency, because the possibility of hiring a well-qualified person to do the work demanded a prompt decision.  Most of the expense is being covered by personal donations, and only $200 is requested from the Meeting.  We approved this request so that the project can go forward


David Giltrow described the purposes, procedures, and schedule of the project. Friends approved the action of M & O in approving $200 for materials for the project, even though this is not regular procedure for our Meeting. Friends expressed support for the project, and appreciation for the expertise and involvement of all the committee members and Trustees.


Communications Committee

The new Meeting directory can be picked in the Meeting House library in the near future. An electronic version can be downloaded.

Friends are asked to consider IMYM’s offer to host the Santa Fe Friends Meeting website. (Sent by Bob Gaines)


The Unitarian Youth Ministry is interested in an exchange program with Santa Fe Young Friends.

Santa Fe Friends will provide hospitality for the IMYM Executive Meeting Committee on August 25 and 26, 2006.  Three volunteers are needed to help with set up and providing meals.


The Meeting closed with silence. 

Respectfully submitted, Nina Sammons, Recording Clerk



An invitation to join our Dream Seminar: Marty Carroll and Mary Ray Cate are scheduled to lead a week-long seminar entitled Dreams: A Path to Wholeness and Self-Understanding at Ghost Ranch this summer (not part of IMYM).  The dates of the seminar are July 31 to August 6.  We'll be looking at methods of recall and interpretation, common dream themes, and the use of artwork to explore dream images.  We would love to have our Friends join the seminar!  Further details can be found on the Ghost Ranch website, www.ghostranch.org, or you can speak to one of us!  Marty & Mary Ray                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
War is still not the answer!!  And if you want to make your views known, consider a beautiful yard sign with this message.  There is a holder that allows you to stick the sing into the ground.  There are some at the meetinghouse.  Ask Ann Anthony for help getting a sign.  FCNL requests a $5.00 donation, which may be placed in bird house in library with an explanatory note.
Help is needed cleaning up after meeting--washing cups, returning tray with
tea and sugar and honey to kitchen.  Please share the fun and chores--sign
up in the kitchen.  Your help is appreciated and necessary.
Some Key Meeting Contacts


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Website: http://santa-fe.quaker.org/index.html


Ministry and Oversight Committee: (to whom you bring personal or meeting-wide concerns and needs for pastoral counseling) Audrey Miller, convener 424-1208, audrey88 at pobox.com; Greg Cliburn, 474-7313, gcliburn at gmail.com; Rebecca Henderson, 989-8627 rebeccahenderson4 at hotmail.com; Jan-Willem Jansons, 471-6167, JanWillemJ at msn.com; Beverly Busching, 984-8742, bbusching at mindspring.com; Roland Pool, 983-7241, RolandPool at aol.com; Reuben Hersh, 983-5044


Meeting Clerk: Beverly Busching, 984-8742, bbusching at mindspring.com


Meeting Resident: (to schedule use of building, guest apartment, report building problems, etc.) Roland Pool, 983-7241, rolandpool at aol.com


Newsletter: Kate Moses, editor, 988.2709, please email submissions, preferably as Word docs, to katemoses at earthlink.net, by the Friday before Business Meeting (held each third First Day).


Recorder: Marguerite Kearns Culp, marguerite at owlmount.com, 505-753-9760 home, 505-670-3124 cell


Treasurer: Frank Hirsch, 466.0109.  Please mail financial contributions to: Treasurer, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM  87501


(All Committees and members, attenders and their contact information are listed in the Meeting Directory.)