A      LETTER       TO       FRIENDS

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting       5th Month 2006           

Calendar of Events

All events to be held at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, unless otherwise noted.

Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. 

Childcare and teen First-Day School are provided during the 11 a.m. service.


Friday, May 5               6:00 p. m.  Women’s Worship Sharing Taco Potluck. 

                                       Contact Marty Carroll (424-1220) or Bettina Raphael (988-2487) for the

                                       location and potluck sign-up

Saturday, 6 May           8:00-11:00 a. m. Pancake Breakfast at First Christian Church.

                                       See Below for details.

Sunday, May 7          10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing

                                    12:10 a. m.  Potluck following 11 a.m. Meeting


Sunday, May 14           9:15 a. m. Ministry and Oversight Committee, guest apartment.  Friends with

                                       concerns to bring before the committee, please come at 10:00

                                    10:00 a. m. Draft and Military Counseling Committee. 

                                       10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    Spiritual Nurturing group meets at Rise of Meeting.  All are welcome


Sunday, May 21           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room                               

                                    12:10 p. m.  Meeting for Worship for Business 


Sunday, May 28           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:00 a. m.  Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Library                                                                                                              


Sunday, June 4            10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing

                                    12:10 a. m.  Potluck at rise of 11 a.m. Meeting

                                    Young Friends’ Olive Rush Day Program following rise of 11:00 Meeting



 Attention All Committee and Group Members:  Please send calendar items to the newsletter editor at katemoses@earthlink.net  The editor is not aware of committee meetings, events, etc., unless you make her aware.  Help get the word out!  Please include date, time, place, and description of events.  Thanks.  --ed.



Fundraiser Hosted by the Local NAACP YOUTH COUNCIL 

so the group can attend the annual NAACP Conference in Washington, D.C. in July


 Who: Youth Council Members, including Joey Bieg and Lilli Raphael, 

will be serving up a hearty breakfast of pancakes, ham and juice/coffee

Where:  First Christian Church, 645 Webber St., Santa Fe                

When:  Saturday, May 6th   8 - 11 am 

Plus:  Raffle Tickets will be on Sale   


Meeting Library Undergoes Lovingcare Renaissance

"A well-stocked and organised library is a powerful aid to the life of the meeting and its outreach."
--Quaker Faith  & Practice, 3rd Ed., Britain Yearly Meeting

Hello Friends!

New books in the library for 2006:


Whispers of Faith 
Young Friends share their experiences of Quakerism  (Anthology)

Silence and Witness  -- The Quaker Tradition    Michael L. Birkel

Friends for 350 years     

Howard H. Brinton, Margaret Hope Bacon

Faith & Practice  
Philadelphia  (2002 revision)

Faith & Practice  Britain  (2005 edition)

The Cloud of Unknowing    (Anonymous)

Robert Turner --  Shaping Silence,  A Life in Clay   Marsha Miro

Taking a Stand:  A Guide to Peace Teams and Accompaniment Projects  

Elizabeth Boardman

ve Rush: A Hoosier Artist in New Mexico    Stanley Cuba  (3 copies, see Elliott's ordering info. below)

Many thanks to Beverly Busching, Mary Ray Cate, and others for your suggestions.  I could not buy all the books since I used all the budget for the most important.

Please borrow and please return in one month.  If you have Quaker library books hiding under your bed or under a bushel, please return them.  More circulation = more joy = a stronger library.  You will be forgiven and possibly hugged for returning long lost books.

Recently I spring cleaned the library, so it is simpler and easier to find things (as well as less dusty).  If
anyone is led to help me with the magazine rack cleaning I would be most grateful.

The library has gone through a quiet renaissance in the last  9 years, gaining entire categories of books:
women, mysticism, relationships, death/grie
ving. Books on Quakerism, Quaker biography, and Quaker
history are our most popular.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the library and wish you epiphanies. 

Jonathan Ashworth,
Meeting Librarian

Minutes for Meeting with Attention to Business

Fourth Month, 2006



Present: Frank Hirsch, Rebecca Henderson, Peli Lee, Wyn Lewis, Bettina

Raphael, Alison P. Martinez, Philip Balcombe, Peggy Giltrow, David

Giltrow, Roland Pool, Connie Durand, Ann Anthony, Bob Gaines, Jan-Willem Jansens, Beverly Busching (Interim Clerk), Nina Sammons (Recording Clerk).


Meeting opened with a reading followed by a brief time of quiet worship.


Minutes from last month's Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business were approved.



·        A clearness committee was requested and will be formed.


         We reviewed the condition of members under our care. Roland Pool will look for queries to guide Friends in their vocal ministry.  About 36 people signed up for the Quaker 6’s dinner groups.  Gratitude to Beverly for coordinating this initiative. A Clearness Committee was requested and will be convened.

         M&O discussed the planning of an Olive Rush Appreciation Day and Visioning session on Meeting's future. M&O recommends that Santa Fe Monthly Meeting not delay a decision about the management of the headdress. M&O also recommends uncoupling the Visioning session from scheduling an Olive Rush Appreciation Day. We will go ahead planning a Visioning session. The Olive Rush Appreciation Day will be postponed until the fall of 2006. We will coordinate with everyone interested in this event. The Young Friends report that they will have an Olive Rush Day on first First Day in June.


Peli Lee requested help in obtaining financial support from the Meeting to attend the "Beyond Diversity Training for Facilitators" at Pendle Hill.  She and Audrey Miller intend to create workshops in New Mexico, using AVP approaches.  M & O formulated the following recommendation to the Meeting:

M&O recommends that Santa Fe Monthly Meeting establish a “Beyond Diversity Fund” that allows for the development of workshops that promote cultural sensitivity and diversity training for other Quaker meetings, community groups, and prison groups in New Mexico. We are specifically recommending that Santa Fe Monthly Meeting help Pelican Lee with soliciting contributions from individuals and that Meeting make up the difference of funds up to a goal of $560, which will leverage matching funds from Pendle Hill to assist with Pelican Lee’s attendance of a Beyond Diversity Training for Facilitators workshop in July 2006. 

Respectfully submitted by Jan-Willem Jansens


Friends supported the establishment of the Beyond Diversity Fund to create diversity training workshops in New Mexico.  The fund will be created by private donations to the Meeting, marked for the Fund. If fundraising efforts fall short of Peli’s goal of $560, Meeting will provide up to $280.00 to meet the




The General Fund income was $949.56 for the third month.

Disbursements were $4,184.71.  The balance is $5,542.42.  The

Maintenance Fund income was $704.10.  Disbursements were $631.07.

Balance is $10,064.75.  Friends approved the Treasurer’s Report submitted by Frank Hirsch


Friends confirmed scholarships to IMYM in the amount of $530.00.  $180.00 was allocated to Roland Pool for attending Friends General Conference.  The budget was approved.  Friends recommended a Beyond Diversity Fund line item for next year's budget. Friends approved the request by the Young Friends Committee for $250.00 to improve the children's playground equipment. A future discussion to review recipients of Good Works was recommended.



Discussion on the disposition of the tableta will be revisited in autumn '06.  Bettina Raphael requested to be relieved of the duty of storing the tableta, and Philip Balcombe volunteered to store it.



Friends confirmed Joan Spencer, Jonathon Ashworth and Philip Balcombe to the Nominating Committee, as recommended by Naming Committee. Meeting approved the appointment of the future Naming Committee by Second Month 2007, to allow the Nominating Committee to begin its work earlier in the Spring.



Rebecca Henderson reported that she continues her role as Clerk of Yearly

Meeting.  Meeting agreed to host the Executive Committee meeting in

mid-August if they so designate.



Meeting approved a proposal that Friends write answers to the three questions posed to conscientious objectors by the US government as a voluntary means to explore and clarify their own attitudes. Alison Martinez will post this invitation in the newsletter.



Friends were asked to review the list of priorities for FCNL work created by a group convened for this purpose (Selection of FCNL Priorities).  Friends decided that a thoughtful review could not be accomplished in this business meeting, and that after soliciting responses (forward to Connie Durand), the report should be sent to the FCNL as originating in P & SC Committee.



Friends approved the updating of the Santa Fe Friends web site as currently posted, and supported research on options for maintaining the site.



The opening of the Meeting House on First Days has been well attended to by volunteers, but the closing responsibilities fall on the shoulders of only a few. The use of the Meeting House on First Day afternoons with clean-up and security issues, is a complex topic, and will continue to be discussed. Suggestions were made to the committee that volunteer appeals can be made in the newsletter and by e-mail.



Twelve people participated in the annual spring clean up.  They removed five truckloads or one and a half tons of debris from the grounds of the Meeting House. The garden shed will be assembled on

Saturday, April 29th and volunteers are welcome.


Meeting closed with quiet worship.


Respectfully submitted, Nina Sammons


The Selective Service has posed the following three questions to conscientious objectors:


1.  Describe your beliefs which are the reasons for you claiming conscientious objection to combatant military training and service or to all military training and service. 


2.  Describe how and when you acquired these beliefs.  Your answer may include such information as the influence of family members or other persons’ training, if applicable; your personal experience; membership in organizations; books and readings which influenced you. 


3.  Explain what most clearly shows that your beliefs are deeply held.  You may wish to include a description of how your beliefs affect the way you live.


Members of the Committee on Conscientious Objection have found that writing out the answers to these three questions is a powerful experience of spiritual growth.  Meeting invites all who wish to do so, to write out answers to the questions.  In so doing, each Friend may come into closer understanding of their personal moral, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs on peace, and as we go forward, our Meeting may unite to meet the challenges of our times.  Those who wish may give their answers to the Committee, either signed or anonymously.  The Committee may use these writings in spiritual formation efforts within Santa Fe Meeting or in the larger world.















An invitation to join our Dream Seminar: Marty Carroll and Mary Ray Cate are scheduled to lead a week-long seminar entitled Dreams: A Path to Wholeness and Self-Understanding at Ghost Ranch this summer (not part of IMYM).  The dates of the seminar are July 31 to August 6.  We'll be looking at methods of recall and interpretation, common dream themes, and the use of artwork to explore dream images.  We would love to have our Friends join the seminar!  Further details can be found on the Ghost Ranch website, www.ghostranch.org, or you can speak to one of us!  Marty & Mary Ray                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
War is still not the answer!!  And if you want to make your views known, consider a beautiful yard sign with this message.  There is a holder that allows you to stick the sing into the ground.  There are some at the meetinghouse.  Ask Ann Anthony for help getting a sign.  FCNL requests a $5.00 donation, which may be placed in bird house in library with an explanatory note.
Help is needed cleaning up after meeting--washing cups, returning tray with
tea and sugar and honey to kitchen.  Please share the fun and chores--sign
up in the kitchen.  Your help is appreciated and is necessary.
Concerned About Torture?  You can play a part in the campaign to eliminate this barbaric practice.  The Quaker Conference on Torture will take place June 2-4, 2006 at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina.  More information and a registration form at the website: