Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Fourth Month 2007

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings!" (Isaiah 52:6-7)


Calendar of Events

All events take place at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road, unless otherwise noted.  Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  Child care and First-Day School are provided during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting.


Palm Sunday

4/1/07              10:00 a.m.        Singing, First Day School room

12:30 p.m.        Potluck following 11:00 a.m. Meeting

Easter Sunday

4/8/07              9:15 a.m.          Ministry and Oversight Committee, guest apartment.

Friends bringing concerns, please come at 10:00.

10:00 a.m.         Singing, First Day School room

10:00 a.m.         Caring for Earth Committee, Library


4/15/07 10:00 a.m.         Singing, First Day School room


Sunday 4/22/07 10:00 a.m.         Singing, First Day School room


Sunday 4/29/07 10:00 a.m.         Singing, First Day School room


Please tell the editor of any more items that should be in the calendar:  Alison Martinez, 438-0729 apapmtz at msn.com.  Thank you.


Minutes of the Meeting for Worship for Business

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, 18 third month 2007

             Present: Philip Balcombe, Ford Robbins, Alison Martinez, Rebecca Henderson, Peg Martin, Dave Giltrow, Frank Hirsch, Sarah Cutler, Bob Gaines, John Kretzmann, clerk, Mary Ray Cate, recording clerk.

            Meeting began with silence and a reading about silence.

1.  Correction to minutes of second month's meeting for business:  Ford Robbins was present.

2.  Change of date:  It was decided to hold sixth month's meeting for business on the fourth first day so as not to conflict with IMYM.

3. Naming committee report (given by Alison): The naming committee is grateful that Friends representing a wide spectrum within Meeting have agreed to be our new nominating committee: Kip Corneli, Alan Rogers, Sarah Cutler.  Meeting approved with thanks to both committees.

4.  Bob Gaines spoke about the Occupation Project, a nonviolent action to occupy offices of members of Congress to convince them to stop funding the Iraq was.  Some people have been and will be arrested.  Bob plans to participate and would like moral support from Meeting.  The project plans continued civil disobedience at the offices of those who don't sign a pledge not to give more funding to war.  The Meeting agreed to support Bob.  M & O will help him set up a support committee.  Our newsletter will run a notice about the project.

5. Ford suggested putting an FCNL poster ("Grieve, Hope, Act") in the Meeting room window that faces Canyon Road.  Dave Giltrow of the Building committee expressed fear that the window might be broken.  We decided that we need to have M & O and then the whole Meeting consider the issue of a publicly visible statement related to our Quaker peace testimony that could give hope to others who oppose the war.  Several suggestions were made, including a changing display of queries like the Unitarian quotations on Galisteo Street.

6. Ministry and Oversight:  Ford Robbins presented the M&O report. a. Queries for fourth month will include "How do I prepare myself for worship?"  b. Meeting approved with joy Sarah Cutler's transfer of membership from Saranac Lake Monthly Meeting, New York, to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting.  M & O is reconsidering terminating the membership of those whose whereabouts is unknown.  c. As requested by business meeting M & O has begun to work on creating a Special Advisory Committee on Stewardship and Long Range Funding.

7. Treasurer's report was given by Frank:  Beginning balance in General Fund was $8,349.60.  Ending balance was $9,736.58.  The beginning balance in the Maintenance Fund was $7,763.94.  The ending balance was $7,896.26.  The sufferings fund contains $1,100.00, the Paul Olmstead Memorial Fund, $224.50, and the Brinton Turkle Memorial Fund $920.00.

8. Resident's report was given by Peg Martin.  In second month she worked 43 hours.  Guest apartment income was $410 and apartment occupancy rate was 53%.  Peg will be gone for a few days at the beginning of April.

9.  Building Committee:  Dave reported that a shower has been installed in the guest apartment bathtub and gave tours at the close of the meeting.  Dirt leaks from the ceiling in the apartment kitchen have been fixed.  A carpenter is working on repairing the outer garage doors.  Insurance issues relating to the incident in which the doors were damaged have not been resolved.  Approximately 80% of the bulbs inside and outside the Meetinghouse itself are compact fluorescents.  We need to replace some of the dimmable bulbs.

7. Earth Care Committee: Two Tuesday evening discussions will be held at the home of Jennifer Wellington, 439-9399.   All are invited to meet at 7 pm, eat dessert, watch a presentation and participate in discussion.  On April 10th we will see a slide show, "An Inconvenient Truth" and on April 24 there will be a movie "The Great Warming."  Jennifer and Pierre live at 2307 Calle Brocha, near Zia.

There will be a compost bucket for non-meat food scraps after potlucks.  We are working to get permission for a recycling container in the kitchen as well.  Business meeting approved our Meeting joining the NM chapter of Interfaith Power and Light, a non-profit environmental organization.

8.  Peace and Social Concerns committee:  Ann Anthony is stepping down as convener.  Meeting expressed appreciation her work.  Letter writing on issues continues on the portal after meeting for worship.

Meeting for worship for business was closed with a silent circle at 2:40 p.m.


Alternatives to Violence Project


"Alternatives to Violence (AVP) offers an effective way to build non-confrontational communication and community," Audrey Miller says.

"It's thrilling to see participants become facilitators," Margie Willen adds.  "They seem to grow ten feet tall!"

Audrey and Margie are among the dozen or more Friends and others bringing AVP to northern New Mexico.  The group held one workshop in Taos and four at the women's prison in Grants last year, plus other presentations to the community.  This year they've already held one workshop at the women's prison and one in Santa Fe, sponsored by the Santa Fe Community Partnership.

AVP began in 1975, when inmates at Greenhaven (N.Y.) Prison who were working with youth at risk collaborated with the Quaker Project on Community Conflict to devise a prison workshop.  Today it's a worldwide association of volunteer groups offering experiential workshops in conflict resolution, responses to violence, and personal growth.  Developed from the real-life experiences of prisoners and others, and building on a spiritual base, AVP encourages every person's innate power to transform self and world.

"In AVP we expect wisdom to come from the group, rather than the facilitator," Audrey explains.  "We help people to see that they already have the tools to lead a nonviolent life."

Margie emphasizes that all people can contribute to and benefit from AVP.  Exercises like "qualities I want in a friend" and "why I'd like to co-facilitate with this person" make us aware of gifts we didn't know we had.  "It's powerful," Audrey agrees.

AVP workshops will be offered in Albuquerque May 12-13 and at IMYM.  Outsiders may also attend prison workshops, and Margie says that is a "profound, life-changing experience."

Santa Fe Meeting supports Northern New Mexico AVP with seed money.

For more information, contact Audrey, 424-1208 audrey88 at clovermail.net or Margie,466-6615 margaretmwillen at yahoo.com.


"The Last Week" of Jesus life, reviewed by Bob Gaines

At the beginning of the Passover week two thousand years ago, two processions entered opposite sides of Jerusalem.  "One was a peasant procession, the other an imperial procession...Jesus's procession proclaimed the Kingdom of God; Pilate's proclaimed the power of empire."

"The Last Week," by New Testament scholars Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan, follows the gospel of Mark in examining in detail the last eight days of Jesus's life.  Jesus's entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, according to Mark, was a carefully planned counter to that of Pilate's.  Pilate's procession displayed not only Roman imperial power but also Roman imperial theology: the emperor was not only ruler of Rome but also "the Son of God;" imperial inscriptions proclaimed him "lord" and "savior," one who had brought "peace on earth."  Rival kingdoms and rival theologies.

The Kingdom of God directly confronted the Kingdom of Caesar on Palm Sunday, leading directly to the crucifixion on Good Friday.  Mark provides a day-by-day account (and an almost hourly account for Friday), which Borg and Crossan examine to provide a fascinating and readable discussion of the meaning of Jesus's life, ministry, and death.  "The Last Week" is available at Santa Fe Public Library and in paperback for $10.46 at amazon.com.



What are you led to do for Meeting?  Nominating Committee invites each member and attender to make his or her interests known.  Please contact Sarah Cutler, 505-216-5219 smcutler at mtholyoke.com; Kip Corneli, 473-3039 knhc at cybermesa.com; or Alan Rogers, 984-ll71 drdecanto at comcast.net.  Thank you!


The Earth Care Committee invites Friends and friends to a couple of outstanding events this month.

Tuesday, April 10, 7:00 p.m. "An Inconvenient Truth," a slide show and discussion facilitated by Unitarian Doug Stewart, who has been trained by Al Gore's organization.

Tuesday, April 24, 7:00 p.m. "The Great Warming," a film focusing on solutions.

Both presentations take place at Jennifer Wellington's house, 2307 Calle Brocha.  Dessert will be served.  Call Jennifer for directions, 438-9399.

Mary Ray Cate also alerts early rising Friends that Larry Rasmussen and New Mexico's own La Donna Harris will talk about the moral implications of global warming on "Interfaith Voices," Sunday, April 1, 7:05 a.m. on radio KSFR (90.7 FM.)


Shelley Cohen announces that members of the Traveling Ministries Program (TMP) committee will be meeting at our Meetinghouse Friday May 11 and Saturday May 12. The program was started by Friends General Conference (FGC) in 1998. Over 350 meetings have been visited since TMP's inauguration. Meetings and other Friends' groups contact the TMP coordinator when they are seeking a seasoned Friend, usually for the purpose of enriching and deepening their faith community through a retreat, workshop, or worship opportunities. On Sunday May 13, committee members will worship with us and at the rise of meeting, over potluck lunch, they will facilitate a discussion about their work and the work of Friends General Conference.  This visit is especially timely as Intermountain Yearly Meeting's membership in FGC will be among the business items taken up at the Yearly Meeting in June.

In offering hospitality to the TMP Committee we will be providing housing and three meals at the Meetinghouse for the members of the committee If you are moved to provide housing or assist with the meals please contact Shelley Cohen at 421-3857 or scohen at plateautel.net.


Bob Gaines describes the Occupation Project, which is a campaign of sustained, nonviolent civil disobedience to end the Iraq war, begun by Voices for Creative Nonviolence in February.   The Project challenges Representatives and Senators to declare publicly that they will vote against any further funding for the war in and occupation of Iraq.  The campaign consists of nonviolent actions that risk arrest.  Typical actions within a Congressional office might be an interfaith prayer service, a silent vigil, reading the names of U.S. and Iraqi dead and tolling a bell for each name read.  The office occupation continues until the Senator or Representative publicly pledges to vote against any additional war funding, or the participants are placed under arrest.

The Occupation Project (http://vcnv.org/) is supported by a number of peace organizations, including Veterans for Peace and United for Peace and Justice.  Contact Bob Gaines for more information (505-466-1746 voice and fax, gaines at comcast.net).


Beverly Busching announces a study group, which will meet at the Meetinghouse at 10:10 a.m. on three First Days. "We will look at some foundational Quaker beliefs and practices, using historical background but primarily questioning and sharing how they live in our lives today," Beverly explains.  "What do we really mean by these words?  How do they touch our lives?"

SESSION ONE 3/25/07:  The Sources of our Beliefs:  'that of God,' and ' inner light.' Different beliefs, individual journeys, and unity in the community. Discernment.

SESSION TWO 4/1/07:  Meeting for Worship: ' expectant waiting,' a dry or 'moist' meeting, questions about when and how to speak. Being 'ministers' to each other. Deepening our worship experience.

SESSION THREE 4/8/07:  Faith into Practice:  Testimonies and queries.  Leadings, clearness, and clearness committees.

The group will use the new IMYM Faith and Practice.  You are encouraged to read sections relating to these topics, especially Section I and II, Living Our Faith, in advance and bring your comments and questions.  But all are invited to join the discussions, newcomers and longtime members.  If you didn't attend Session One, you are still welcome to Session Two or Three.


Liza Packard is asking for housing in July, garage or storage space, and help with prescription medications.  She writes,

            Friends, I have been evicted from my housing of 2 years (a supportive living program for people with disabilities) for the usual reason for eviction, back rent due.  This month I also lost my main house-cleaning client because she wanted to go back to a team cleaning service.  This represents a loss of $250.00/month income.  Last week my doctor prescribed an additional medication, which increases my monthly expense for medications.  My needs are for housing in July and help with medication costs, as well as storage for my belongings.  Does anyone have garage/storage space? Call me (please don't e-mail) at 310-4104  P.S.  Four friends are hosting and or hiring me (dog/house-sitting) for April, May, June, and August.


            "The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." (Psalm 24:1-3.)  Are you a permaculturist?  Jennifer Wellington says, if you're doing any of the following, you've already started practicing permaculture:  enjoying the beauty of nature; growing some of your own food; walking, cycling, or taking public transit instead of driving a car; making purchase decisions with consideration of the effects on Earth; reusing and recycling; supporting nature conservation.

            Your next step may be to contact nearby people interested in permaculture; go see a site where it's practiced; read a library book; have a permaculture designer come look at your house; attend a course at Ecoversity, Santa Fe Community College or a nursery; or join our local Permaculture Credit Union, 954-3479 pcuonline.org.


IMYM reminds us that the 2007 Annual Gathering will take place June 10-17 at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu.  Yearly Meeting sessions begin on the evening of Wednesday, June 13.  Registration forms are posted at imym.org.  Registration deadline is April 16.  Don't let a shortage of money keep you away from yearly meeting!  Our treasurer Frank Hirsch, 466-0109 efhirsch at aol.com, is accepting scholarship requests till April 1.


            Peg Martin is available for spiritual direction on Thursday afternoons by appointment.



Some Key Meeting Contacts


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Websites:



Ministry and Oversight Committee: (to whom you bring personal or meeting-wide concerns and needs for pastoral counseling) Ford Robbins, convenor, 466-7665 fordrobbins at earthlink.net; Joan Spencer, 984-2217 ssspencer at pol.net; Dimitri Mihalas, 661-7414; Anne McLaughlin, 995-9655 caunteton at cs.com; Philip Balcombe, 466-2982 pjbalcombe at cybermesa.com; Beverly Busching, 984-8742 bbusching at mindspring.com; Roland Pool, 983-7241 RolandPoole at aol.com; Reuben Hersh, 983-5044.

Meeting Clerk: Beverly Busching, 984-8742 bbusching at mindspring.com

Meeting Resident: (to schedule use of building, guest apartment, report building problems, etc.) Peg Martin, 983-7241.

Newsletter: Alison Martinez, 438-0729, and David Vaux, 988-9545, co-editors.  Please e-mail submissions to apapmtz at msn.com no later than the day after business meeting.  Put paper submissions in the Newsletter box at the Meetinghouse no later than the day of business meeting and alert Alison to pick them up.

Recorder: Nina Sammons, 471-6779 NinaSammons at gmail.com.

Treasurer: Frank Hirsch, 466-0109.  Please mail financial contributions to: Treasurer, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM  87501, or put in "birdhouse" box.  Thank you!

Young Friends (18-40ish) get together often.  For information please contact Sarah Cutler, 216-5219 smcutler at mtholyoke.edu.

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee welcomes new members.  Temporary contact people are Kip and Helen Corneli, 473-3039 knhc at cybermesa.com hfmc at cybermesa.com.

The Committee on Conscientious Objection, meets as needed.  For information please call Howard Shulman, 984-9908.

There's a complete list of committees and members, attenders and their contact information in the Meeting Directory. Would you like to receive a paper copy of our new Meeting directory?  Telephone Molly Vaux at 988-9545 to arrange to receive it via the US Mail.






Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends

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