A      LETTER       TO       FRIENDS

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting       1st Month 2007           

Calendar of Events

All events to be held at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, unless otherwise noted.

Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. 

Childcare and teen First-Day School are provided during the 11 a.m. service.


Sunday, Jan. 7           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing

                                    12:10 a. m.  Potluck following 11 a.m. Meeting


Sunday, Jan.14            9:15 a. m. Ministry and Oversight Committee, guest apartment.  Friends with

                                       concerns to bring before the committee, please come at 10:00

                                    10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room


Sunday, Jan. 21           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room                               

                                    12:10 p. m.  Meeting for Worship for Business 


Sunday, Jan. 28           10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:00 a. m.  Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Library        

                                    12:10 p. m.  Pot-luck (soup provided) for Adult Young Friends (18-30something?)                                        for fellowship


Sunday, Feb. 4                        10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room

                                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing

                                    12:10 a. m.  Potluck at rise of 11 a.m. Meeting


Attention All Committee and Group Members:  Please send calendar items to the newsletter editor at katemoses at earthlink.net.  The editor is not aware of committee meetings, events, etc., unless you make her aware.  Help get the word out!  Please include date, time, place, and description of events.  Thanks. 


A Spiritual Autobiography

by Jeanette Young


I didn’t suddenly get spirtitualized; my spirit grew gradually.  It began with “Now I lay me down to sleep,” as I kneeled beside my bed, my mother sitting by me.  We went to Sunday school, the three of us with my mother, and we stayed for church.  We sang, and we listened, first to the Sunday School teacher, then to the preacher.  We were not there to play.  We were there to learn.  My father would be home, reading the Sunday paper, and keeping an eye on the Sunday dinner sizzling in the oven.  His attendance at church was confined to those occasions such as Christmas and Children’s Day, when his children were performing and reciting in the programs.  He had been “converted” in the Evangelical church and had later renounced its emotionalism.  But he had a food comprehension of the Bible and Christianity.  He backed my mother 100% in taking us to Sunday school and church. 


It was in Sunday School that I learned from a teacher that there was no Santa Claus; that the only Santa Claus was my parents. 


I read the small Bible my grandfather gave me, I think several times, Genesis to Revelation.  Many years later my sister sent me a copy of The Bible as Literature, which I read.  Recently, I found a copy of the Bible in large print at a streetside sales table and bought it for a dollar.  I have the Mormon Bible and the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Bible, and I have read those. 


My mother took us usually to the nearest church.  We walked.  She was brought up as a Methodist.  Dancing and playing cards were sins.  It was my father who taught me to waltz. 


We played various card and board games a lot.  This was not Bible learning, but it certainly was family centered.  I seldom won a game, and I would rather have been reading a book, but the family was playing, and I was part of the family, so I played.  We never heard the word gambling; there was no money involved.  We played to be together.  It sharpened our wits.  We learned to abide by the rules.  I think that helped me to grow up as a law abiding citizen. 


The Bible has laws too, to guide our behavior and our relationships, to develop reverence, respect, and obedience.  I think it is not meant to be a hindrance to creativity or to the development of our own mental capacities.  I think it is beautiful and inspirational. 


How did I come to be a Friend?  My great grandparents were Friends, and occasionally we went to the Yearly Meeting in Wellsville, Pennsylvania.  This is now an active Meeting.  Sometimes my mother would be away and I would go to the York Meeting.  This is also now an active Meeting. 


From the Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, I and two other student nurses would hurry Sunday evenings to exchange our uniforms for street clothes and hurry off to the Methodist church, “Where Cross the Crowned Ways,” Broadstreet and Arch.  We would hear fine music and a wonderful preacher.  There were students there in the after-church service, the young people’s meeting, from various schools and colleges.  We didn’t meet them.  We had to be back at the hospital dorm by 10:00.


Sometimes I went to special meetings of Friends at 15th and Arch.  When I moved to Chester, PA, I went to Meeting there.  Rather than join the Chester Meeting, it was suggested that I wait to join a Meeting in New Mexico.  I joined the Taos group, including Peggy and Farmer Church, and the Ruth Hatcher family.   (To be continued next month)


Newsletter Editor Wanted


We are seeking a new volunteer editor sought for this Newsletter.   After two years of service, our current editor would like to pass the baton.  The position currently involves approximately ½ to 1 day of service per month, compiling electronic submissions and calendar entries into the newsletter format and emailing it out for printing and electronic distribution, with the support of the Communications Committee.  Opportunities for creativity and change are limitless.  The current editor would be happy to discuss the position with interested parties.  Call Kate Moses  at  988.2709. 






Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

17 twelfth month 2006


    Present: Ford Robbins, John Kretzmann, Rebecca Henderson, Peg Martin,  Dave Giltrow, Peggy Giltrow, Frank Hirsch, Bob Gaines, Ann Anthony, Beverly Busching, clerk, Mary Ray Cate, recording clerk.


    Meeting began with a reading from the new IMYM Faith and Practice followed by a short period of silence.


1.  Ministry and Oversight:  Ford Robbins presented The M&O report.

a. Anne McLaughlin has resigned from M&O for personal reasons.  Meeting approved not filling the vacancy until next year when new officers and committees are recruited and approved. 

b. Meeting also approved M& O’s recommendation not to distribute the Meeting directory electronically until the Communications Committee has resolved security issues. 

c. As requested by business meeting, M & O has considered and discussed the role of the guest apartment in the ministry of the Meeting.  They suggest that the ministry of the guest apartment is hospitality, which implies meeting the needs of travelers, and recommend the following policy guidelines. We should continue to use the guest apartment as a rental guest facility with an increased suggested donation to be implemented after the scheduled improvements to the apartment are complete so that the hospitality needs of our guests are met.  The amount of the suggested donation should be determined by the Building and Finance Committees, yet remain consistent with similar rates within the Santa Fe community (El Zaguan charges $50 per night).  Availability of the guest apartment should remain on a first-come, first use basis.  The suggested donation should be uniform rather than tiered. After much discussion Meeting approved these guidelines.


2.  Nominating committee:  Jennifer Wellington has agreed to serve as our next clerk.  She will be “clerk apparent” from now through sixth month, taking over Beverley’s duties in full in seventh month.  This nomination was enthusiastically approved on first reading.  The position of liaison to Clear Light worship group in Taos is vacant.


3. Treasurer’s report:  The proposed 2007 Budget was amended to include donations to both Quaker Earthcare Witness and Right Sharing of World Resources. It will be distributed by email to members to review before next business meeting when final approval will be sought.  The Treasurer’s report of eleventh month was approved.  Beginning balance in General Fund was $10,133.41.  Ending balance was $13,078.37.  The beginning balance in the Maintenance Fund was $6,910.06.  The ending balance was $7,577.77.  At this point both income and expenses have been less than budgeted for in 2006.  The Finance Committee will discuss donations as part of our stewardship once the end of the year report has been compiled.  Insurance for the Meeting has been paid through fifth month 2007.  Meeting approves continuing with the same company at the same level of coverage.


4. IMYM Continuing Committee:  Bob Gaines reported that 15 people attended the discussion of IMYM queries after potluck earlier this month.  Santa Fe Meeting is in favor of IMYM affiliating with QEW (Quaker Earthcare Witness), which would include appointing representatives from Yearly Meeting to QEW.


5.  Resident’s Committee report was given by Ann Anthony and included a written report from Peg Martin.  Peg now has two outside jobs in addition to working a total of 52 hours as resident during eleventh month.  She and her sister donated some decorations for the guest apartment.  Meeting appreciates all Peg is doing for the Meeting.  The guest apartment was rented 19 days out of 30 during eleventh month. 

    The committee is revising the job description of the resident.  They want to purchase new beds for the apartment.  Meeting approved the committee spending up to $1000 for this purpose, $300 donated by a guest and $700 from the maintenance fund. 


6.  Building Committee: Beverly read a report written by Bettina. The Committee is prioritizing a list of repairs to be done and will bring this to business meeting next month.  Dave Giltrow explained why it takes so long to get needed work done.  Skilled craftsmen are required to accomplish repairs in an historic building, and they are booked long in advance. Peg commented that we are extremely fortunate to have been given our Meetinghouse and not to have a mortgage on it.  She suggested that we need to “love” our building a little more and raise additional money to repair it.  Building committee was urged to complete as many repairs as possible in the low occupancy wintertime, up to the $2000 approved last month.

     One of the urgent problems was the rotted wood post at the entrance to the garage.  This has been temporarily repaired by Marvin Garcia, a workman from the Historic Santa Fe Foundation, who replaced the lower section of the post with new wood.  Further work will be undertaken to divert the drainage of water from this area.

     Discussion of a process to involve the wider Meeting community in bigger issues of the Meetinghouse using existing committees (Visioning, Finance, Trustees, and M&O), which was deferred last month, was not brought up.


7.  New Committee:  The global warming group seeks status as a committee.  People interested in working on this issue are urged to contact Kip or Helen, 473-7954,  Mary Ray,989-1630 or Jennifer, 439-9399.  The group was given permission to display and distribute information on the coming environmental disaster in the Meetinghouse, and asked to bring a proposal for forming a committee to January business meeting.


8. Ford Robbins will send a letter of condolence to Nicoe Lichen on the death of her daughter Sunshine, who as a teenager assisted with care of the toddlers in our Meeting.  Ethel Haller sent a holiday card to the Meeting.  She and her husband Jack were residents in the late 1970’s.  Robert Jerkins, partner of Joe Paul, spoke with Beverly recently about his memories of Olive Rush and the Meeting.  It was suggested that we invite him to speak to all of us. 


Meeting for worship for business was closed with a silent circle at 3:25 p.m.



F(f)riendly cooks sought to help feed the guests at St. Elizabeth's Shelter on the 2nd Friday of each month. Cooks usually prepare food at home and bring it to the Shelter. Others cook at the Shelter and share a meal with the guests. This is a 20 year-long commitment to the Shelter that was started by Shirl Olmstead. Please call Nichoe at 438-4368 or email at nichoe at earthlink.net if you would like to join us.


Your contributions for the following ongoing service projects are always appreciated.  Please bring to Meeting: 1. Used postage stamps, 2 Lightly used children’s books (see “Moms” below), 3. Non-perishable teen-friendly foodstuffs for youth shelter.  Thank you!


The Draft and Military Counseling Committee is now called the Committee on Conscientious ObjectionCOCO now meets on a needs basis.  To get information on the committee / meeting time and place please call Howard Shulman at 984-9908.


Our most senior member of meeting, Jeanette Young, will be at home and welcoming visitors for tea and crumpets any day between 2:00 and 5:00 (no need to call ahead; short sweet visits are fine). 


Would you like to receive a paper copy of our new Meeting directory?  Telephone Molly Vaux at (505)

988-9545 to arrange to receive it via the US Mail.  


Peace and Social Concerns invites YOU to join us in "speaking truth to power."  We meet at the Meetinghouse the 4th Sunday of each month indoors or out in good weather. There are so many "concerns—crises, in fact--that we need to strategize on what would be most effective and speak to the concerns of our members.  Log on http://www.fcnl.org/index.htm (Friends Committee on National Legislation) to find out what our representatives in Washington suggest.  This wonderful organization keeps watch on Congress and lets us know when letters are needed to spur action on important bills.  They have sample letters you can use, or just sign the ones provided and they are delivered to our representatives' mail boxes.


The Fellowship Committee is seeking volunteers to close up on Sundays after meeting. The main responsibilities are tidying up (i.e., washing cups and emptying wastebaskets) and closing up the meetinghouse.  Most Sundays it probably takes 15 to 20 minutes, less if two people work
together.  Potluck Sundays typically take a bit longer, but usually there are more
volunteers to help.  Everyone is invited to volunteer, but we would especially like to hear from those who are willing to serve
either once a month or e
very other month. If you are ready to volunteer, or if you need more details before committing, contact Bob Gaines at gaines at comcast.net or 466-1746.  If you can only help intermittently, you can just sign up for an open date on the roster in the kitchen.  We'll give you a reminder call before your Sunday.


Some Key Meeting Contacts


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Website: http://santa-fe.quaker.org/index.html


Ministry and Oversight Committee: (to whom you bring personal or meeting-wide concerns and needs for pastoral counseling) Ford Robbins, Clerk, 466-7665, mail to: fordrobbins at earthlink.net; Joan Spencer, 984-2217, mail to: ssspencer at pol.net; Dimitri Mihalas, 661-7414; Anne McLaughlin, 995-9655, mail to: caunteton at cs.com; Philip Balcombe, 466-2982, mail to: pjbalcombe at cybermesa.com; Beverly Busching, 984-8742,mail to: bbusching at mindspring.com; Roland Pool, 983-7241, mail to:RolandPoole at aol.com; Reuben Hersh, 983-5044


Meeting Clerk: Beverly Busching, 984-8742, bbusching at mindspring.com


Meeting Resident: (to schedule use of building, guest apartment, report building problems, etc.) Peg Martin.  (505) 983-7241


Newsletter: Kate Moses, editor, 988.2709, please email submissions, preferably as Word docs, to katemoses at earthlink.net, by the Friday before Business Meeting (held each third First Day).


Recorder: Nina Sammons NinaSammons at gmail.com 471-6779


Treasurer: Frank Hirsch, 466.0109.  Please mail financial contributions to: Treasurer, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM  87501


(All Committees and members, attenders and their contact information are listed in the Meeting Directory.)