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Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting
2nd Month 2007

Calendar of Events
All events to be held at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, unless otherwise noted.
Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday at 9 a. m. and 11 a. m.
Childcare and teen First-Day School are provided during the 11 a. m. service.

Sunday, Feb. 4    10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room
                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing
                    12:30 a. m.  Potluck following 11 a. m. Meeting

Sunday, Feb.11    9:15 a. m. Ministry and Oversight Committee, guest apartment.  Friends with
                        concerns to bring before the committee, please come at 10:00
                    10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room
                    10:00 a. m.  Caring for Earth Committee, Library

Thursday, Feb. 15        7:15 p. m.  Spiritual Formation Group, Meeting House

Friday, Feb. 16    6:30 p. m.  Women's Winter Gathering, Wyn Lewis' house, RSVP

Sunday, Feb. 18    10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room            
                    12:30 p. m.  Meeting for Worship for Business  

Sunday, Feb. 25    10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room
                    10:00 a. m.  Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Library    
                    12:30 p. m.  Potluck (soup provided) for Adult Young Friends (18-30something?)

Sunday, Mar. 4    10:00 a. m.  Singing, First Day School room
                    10:10 - 10:45 a. m. Meeting for Worship for Healing
                    12:30 a. m.  Potluck following 11 a. m. Meeting

Please send calendar items to the temporary newsletter editor at gaines at comcast.net.   Please include date, time, place, and description of events.

Minutes of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
January 21, 2007

Present:  Ann Anthony, Michael Blotnik, Mary Ray Cate, Bob Gaines, Pam Geyer, David Giltrow, Rebecca Henderson, Frank Hirsch, Bill Kerry, John Kretzmann, Bettina Raphael, Ford Robbins, Beverly Busching – Clerk, Peggy Giltrow – Recording Clerk

     Meeting began with a reading of items 1-6 of the “Complete Text of Advices from the Meeting of the Elders of Balby, 1656” (Appendix I of the draft IMYM Faith and Practice, 2006), followed by a brief period of silence.

Building Committee  The Building Committee presented their report of Accomplishments and Expenditures out of the Maintenance Budget in 2006 and a list of Priority Building Committee Repair and Refurbishing Projects.  Both, as amended, can be found separately later in this newsletter and warrant close attention.
The total spent from the Maintenance Budget in 2006 was about $9155:  Repairs and  refurbishments were about $5,700, maintenance of the historic collection of art and furnishings about $2,055, Garden Committee expenses about $250, Residence Committee Expenses about $450 and Fellowship Committee Expenses about $700. Income to the Maintenance Fund from the Guest Apartment in 2006 was about $5962. Income to the General Fund earmarked for the Olive Rush Collection Preservation Project was about $1770. The impressive list of accomplishments was accepted with great appreciation by Meeting.

Meeting discussed the priorities for 2007 at length, and authorized an initial $5,000 (including the $2,000 authorized in November but not yet spent) to be spent on the items on the priority project list for 2007 as the opportunity to complete them arises.   

The projects include items needed for safety, upkeep and code compliance. Some projects can be done using Friendly labor. Others will require hiring expert help, and depend on who is available and when the Guest Apartment is not being used.  The focus for the next few months will be on indoor and Guest Apartment projects. Friends are encouraged to talk to the Building Committee (Bettina Raphael, David Giltrow, Jim Valenti and Guthrie Miller) if they have questions or concerns about specific items. The Building Committee thanks all those who generously give their time for upkeep of the Meeting buildings.  The Building and Residence committees are developing a list of plumbers, electricians and roofers familiar with the quirks of the Meeting’s buildings.

The last items on the projects list for 2007, Projects We Hope to Initiate, are long-range and costly.  A historic structure study (a common base-line for most historic buildings) can be used to prioritize preservation needs and as a foundation for grant requests.

Meeting was reminded of the need to have at least $5,000 available for emergency repairs (such as roof or sewer). The Finance Committee was asked to consider and present to Business Meeting a better way to manage the Maintenance Fund and suggestions on how to fund big and necessary projects.

Residence Committee Report  In response to a request by Business Meeting, the Building and Finance Committee met to discuss their joint responsibilities for the Guest Apartment.  One result was the development by the Residence Committee of a “Proposed Policy for Care of the Guest Apartment”. The policy, as amended, was approved by Business Meeting (and can be found elsewhere in this newsletter).

The Residence Committee reported that the Resident worked 40 hours on Meeting business in December. The Guest Apartment was occupied 64% of the time and took in $630.  It takes 4 to 5 hours to do the turnaround between guests, and that happens 4 to 5 times per month, depending on length of occupancy.  The new bed for the Guest Apartment has been purchased and should be delivered shortly.

Treasurer’s Reports  The Treasurer presented the report for 12th month 2006 and the preliminary quarterly report for the 4th quarter.  Both were approved, the quarterly report as amended.  On Dec. 31, 2006, the General Fund had $8,999.21 and the Maintenance Fund $8,001.46.  The Suffering Fund has $1,100, the Brinton Turkle Fund $670 and the Paul Olmstead Memorial Fund $237. There is $1,200 in a CD available for building emergencies.

Operating expenses for 2006 came in under budget, at $9,164 or 89% of the budgeted $10,290. A bill for December just received will raise the expense total by $195. All good works commitments have been paid except for $300 for the Alternatives to Violence Project, and the Treasurer will pay that immediately.  Gifts received during the year from 70 Meeting donors totaled $20,955, exceeding the income budgeted for 2007 by about 2%.  Amounts received earmarked for Sufferings, Diversity, and the Olive Rush preservation project would add to that total. Friends are thanked for their generosity and commitment to meeting the budget agreed on for the past year.

The Proposed Budget for 2007 (available later in this newsletter) was approved on its second reading at this Business Meeting.  The Treasurer was asked to immediately write a check to the New Mexico Coalition to Repeal the Death Penalty, since its work must be done during the current legislative session.

Ministry and Oversight reported on their meeting of Jan. 14, which began with the reading of a short poem by Albert Schweitzer seen on a poster in First Day School in Oxford, England, by Dimitri Mihalas.
M & O, after thoughtful discussion of Meeting responses to situations such as recent snow falls,  will print up a small wallet-sized card entitled “Friends Helping Friends” for members and attenders who may need assistance.  It will have names and phone numbers of the Clerk of Meeting and members of M&O.

The query for Second Month 2007 will be:  In what ways do our lives reflect our faith?  In what ways does our faith illuminate our lives”?

M&O decided to continue interest in Friendly 6 gatherings by making periodic announcements at Meeting for Worship and in the Newsletter, as well as writing an article for the Newsletter detailing the activities of current Friendly 6’s.

Jennifer Wellington, as Clerk in Waiting, will be invited to attend M&O in late Spring to become aware of concerns and actions.
IMYM released its draft Faith and Practice in June 2006 and has asked Meetings to read, review and use it and report back to IMYM at the end of May, 2007.  M&O recommends to Meeting for Business the following five-part program to educate ourselves and prepare our response to IMYM:
a.  Committees are encouraged to use the Faith and Practice in their work, and to make comments regarding its usefulness.  A gathering of Committee Clerks/Convenors will assist this process.
b.  M&O will make periodic announcements at Meeting for Worship and in the Newsletter to encourage reading and comment to any member of M&O from members and attenders.  (Additional copies will be made available)
c.  Beverly Busching offered to lead a discussion of Quaker Faith and Practice using the first section of the IMYM Faith and Practice Handbook.  There will be sessions on the following 3 Sundays at 10 a.m.:   March 18, March 25, and April 1.  Future gatherings may be held to discuss the other sections of the IMYM Faith and Practice.
d.  A gathering will be scheduled for Meeting as a whole on the 5th Sunday of April (4/29) to discuss and comment on the draft Faith and Practice.
e.  A gathering will be scheduled for those who regularly attend 9:00 Meeting.
Meeting approved the proposed program. The Clerk will compile results of scheduled discussions and forward them to IMYM. Individuals are encouraged to send comments to any member of M & O for forwarding.

Communications Committee  
Distributing the directory – The committee proposed that a new directory would be announced via the email list and the newsletter.  The directory would be available via email, regular mail, or in the library.  Prior to distribution, those listed in the directory will be notified via the email list and newsletter that they may ask to have specific items excluded from their listing.  Meeting approved.
Newsletter editor – Meeting approved a minute of appreciation to Kate Moses for her service as Newsletter editor. Her faithful work each month during the last two years to produce an informative, attractive forum for the news of the Meeting has been of enormous benefit to us.
Anyone interested in becoming editor should contact Kate (988-2709; katemoses at earthlink.net) for information about the responsibilities of the editor and the time and skills required.  For the moment please send newsletter items to Bob Gaines.  He can be reached electronically at gaines at comcast.net or by phone at 466-1746.
Newsletter survey – A survey to see how we might improve the newsletter will be distributed.
Newsletter distribution – 16 persons resubscribed for mailed paper copies.  141 have email delivery.  We will need to print only 24 copies (16 to mail and 8 for the library), so the cost for 2007 newsletters will be about $310.   We don't yet know how much directory costs will be with the new distribution system.
Meeting web sites – There are currently two web sites: santa-fe.quaker.org and sf.imym.org.  The first is hosted free by quaker.org but it provides only static information for visitors about the Meeting and worship times, and information about the guest apartment.  The sf.imym.org site is hosted free by IMYM, and if desired, committees and others in the Meeting who are authorized could easily post news and information.  There is no personal contact information at the santa-fe.quaker.org web site.  Access to the newsletters which are posted at sf.imym.org – which include some phone numbers and email addresses -- is password protected.
Newsletters on the Meeting web site hosted by IMYM – The January 2007 and all 2006 newsletters are posted at sf.imym.org.  A password is required to get access to the newsletters.  Contact Bob Gaines (<gaines at comcast.net> or 466-1746) or go to sf.imym.org and use the “Contact” button to send a request for a password.  

Nominating Committee Meeting approved the second reading for Jennifer Wellington as clerk apparent, with thanks.  Meeting was informed that Peg Miller and Ford Robbins will serve as contacts for the Clearlight Meeting in Taos.  

The Committee proposed two changes to the “Duties of the Nominating Committee” as approved at the Business Meeting of Oct. 15, 2006 and published in the Newsletter of  November, 2006:
1.  The sentence reading “Business Meeting will appoint members to ad hoc committees and will fill Officer, IMYM, AFSC and M & O vacancies.”  will be amended to end “…with the assistance of Nominating Committee.”
2.  The sentence reading “The nominating process will be considered closed as of June of each year.” will be amended to end “…with the exception of filling the vacancies noted above.”
Both changes were approved by Meeting.

Request to host FGC committee on Traveling Ministry, Friday through Sunday May 11-13, 2007.  The committee consists of 10-14 people who will need overnight hospitality, plus space for committee meetings.  Shelley Cohen has offered to be the coordinator.  Meeting approved the request, and asks that the FGC committee be asked to provide a workshop or discussion about FGC for Santa Fe Meeting during that time.

State of Meeting report.  Meeting is asked to provide a State of the Meeting report to IMYM each year at the end of April.  Meeting approved a discussion to be held at rise of Potluck the first Sunday of April.  The Clerk will take the results of the discussion to M & O, and M & O will bring the resulting report to Business Meeting for approval in April.  

Peace and Social Concerns asked Meeting to approve two letters to be sent to our Senators and Congressman and the local newspapers.  Ann Anthony and Beverly Busching will work on the final wording. One letter opposes increased production of nuclear pits.  The other opposes the proposed troop surge in Iraq.  Congressional action is proposed within the next week. Meeting approved the timely sending of both letters in the name of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends.
Meeting closed with a brief period of silence.

Respectfully submitted, Peggy Giltrow

Additional Documents from Business Meeting

1.  Building Committee report of Accomplishments and Expenditures out of the Maintenance Budget in 2006
2.  Priority Building Committee Repair and Refurbishing Projects for 2007
3.  Policy for Care of the Guest Apartment (as amended and approved)
4.  Budget for 2007 as Approved at 2nd Reading, Business Meeting of January 21, 2007

Building Committee Report First Month, 2007
Prepared by Bettina Raphael, Convener  1/21/07

I.  Accomplishments and Expenditures out of Maintenance Budget in 2006  
     Total spent = approx. $9155

Repairs, Refurbishments, Maintenance:  ca.  $5700
Purchased and installed garden shed
Added metal security screen door on Ramada
Refurbished interior of Ramada
Added electrical outlet in Ramada and corrected lights in Meeting
Addressed plumbing leaks in Guest Apartment and Meeting bathroom
Re-stuccoed exterior parapets on Meeting House (need color coat)
Reassembled and re-stuccoed cobble/mud garden wall along east entrance walk
Replaced cement base for one vertical post in garage and replaced rotted wood of base of a second post
Patched and sealed adobe floor on portal
Re-painted and sealed several windows in Meeting House
Had roofs of Meeting and Ramada inspected
Identified needs and improvements in Guest Apartment
Removed two pieces of furniture from Ramada to storage at the Historical Foundation of Santa Fe (original painted armoire and painted wooden trunk)
Various up-grades and repairs: lock change in Guest Apt., temporary patching of holes in stucco, blocking of mouse-holes and spider access in Ramada (Peg),

Maintenance Historic Collection of art and furnishings: ca  $2055
Received 6 water-color paintings from donor in Jan. 2006 and rematted and glazed one of these
Reviewed condition and historic background of Hopi tablita headdress with Tablita Committee
Consulted on project to catalog the Olive Rush Collection that was carried out by Kate Pope and produced computerized data base with digital images ($2000 raised and spent out of maintenance fund)
Garden Committee:  ca. $250
Play equipment and furniture for garden  
Residence Committee:   ca. $450 ?
Paint and supplies for Ramada
Furnishings and slip covers for Ramada, Guest Apartment, & Meeting
Fellowship Committee:    ca. $700 ?
Hired Cleaning Person (Pamela Benson) for Meetinghouse for last 9 months

II.   Income to Maintenance Budget in 2006
Contributions from Guest Apartment use in 2006 = $ 5962?
Donations for Olive Rush Collection Catalog = $ 1770

Priority Repairs and Refurbishing Projects for 2007
Prepared by Bettina Raphael, Convener  1/21/07

The following are projects the Building Committee would like to undertake if time, energy and funding allow.

Ramada ($1000-2000)
Upgrade seal and condition of windows, especially one on south side
Seal around canales and any other weak spots on roof
Re-stucco exterior of building
Re-hang and reseal back door
Improve drainage around foundation of building

Guest Apartment ($3000-4000)
Patch hole in bathroom floor
Remove shelves in bathroom and repaint/patch wall
Install shower and shut-off valves in bathroom
Replace hot-water heater & move it to provide more space in kitchen
Replace heater in bedroom to meet code
Rearrange kitchen and install some counter-tops and shelves
Patch ceiling in bathroom and kitchen and reduce sifting of dirt

Meetinghouse and Exterior Structure ($2000-3000 ?)*
Seal exposed wood on portal and garage
Stabilize original wooden shutters on exterior of Guest Apartment
Control planting around foundation of building and improve drainage especially along front of building
Complete re-plastering and/or reconstruction of south garden entrance wall
Complete re-stucco of color coat on parapets and look at stucco needs above front gate
Redesign drainage below canales on front of garage and coordinate with neighbor on west side
Rebuild fragmentary wooden door from back of garage (cost unknown)
Consider installing metal security gate behind wooden gate in covered entrance passage on east side of building
Patching interior holes in walls with mud and re-painting damaged walls in several rooms.  
*  Repair of damage that occurred to wooden garage doors 1/30/07 (cost unknown)

Long-Range Projects Requiring Outside Funding

Initiate an Historic Structures Study of the property
Solve protection/preservation of outdoor frescos
Clean and stabilize all Olive Rush Frescos

Policy for Care of the Guest Apartment
January 21, 2007

The Residence Committee will be responsible for managing the furnishings in the guest apartment, such as the furniture and small appliances, and the Building Committee will be responsible for managing the structural and historic aspects of the apartment, such as the plumbing or electrical service and the historic artwork.  Because there will be areas where the division of responsibilities will be uncertain, each committee will keep the other informed about their plans for the apartment.  

Before submitting their annual budget requests to the Finance Committee, the Residence and Building Committees will consult with each other and coordinate their budget requests for the items or improvements which each committee believes is required for the guest apartment during the next fiscal year.

If changes or additions to its annual plan were needed, the Residence Committee would inform the Building Committee before making a purchase or change so the Building Committee could raise any concern they might have -- such as pointing out that a trundle bed causes excessive wear on the floor or the limited electrical service restricts the type of refrigerator which could be used.

Approved Budget 2007

Approved Budget 2007

Operating Income


Total Operating Expenses


Operating Expenses

IMYM Assessment




Good Works

First Day school staff


Group 1 Our own community

Friends subscriptions:












Funds: Diversity











Group 2 Broader Quaker concerns

History cmmtte




IMYM cmmtte travel






Friends of earth


Meeting house supplies






Pendle Hill


M & O


Quaker Bolivia Link




Friends Peace Teams


Peace and Social Concerns




Safe Deposit box




Treasurer/finance cmmtte




Group 3 Local community needs

Young friends supplies


As Needs Arise








Food Depot


La Familia


Maintenance Fund Expenses

N.M. Cltn to rpl death pnlt


N.M. Human Needs




Open Hands




S.F. Rape Crisis




St. Elizabeth Shelter




Somos Un Pueblo Unido


Youth Shelter




Total Good Works/Assessment


*As monies are received for Diversity Fund

**Paul Olmstead Memorial funds to be used for Draft Counseling & C.O. expenses as needed

***Brinton Turkle Memorial Funds allocated to Library at $200/year

****Sufferings to be budgeted at $100/year. Cumulative total beginning 2007 is $1100


Alternatives to Violence Project basic workshop -- Friends are invited to participate February 23-25 in Santa Fe, sponsored by Santa Fe Community Partnership; registration fee is $40 (scholarships are available).  The workshop will be 5:30-8:30 Friday, 8:30-5:30 Saturday, and Sunday 10-6:00.   The workshop is the first of three types of workshops offered by AVP of  Northern New Mexico, the last in the series being facilitator training.  Facilitation teams have been working in one NM prison for more than a year and more facilitators are needed.  For more information about AVP, go online to www.avpusa.org  For more information about the workshop, call Margy Willen at 466-6615 or Audrey  Miller at 424-1208.

Faith and Reason with Bill Moyers -- Friends are invited to join us for seven Sunday evenings beginning February 4 to view Moyers' discussions of faith and reason with writers, essayists and poets.  Tea and coffee and light desert will be available at 7:00 pm. at Steve and Joan Spencer's, 2154 Calle de Sebastian.  Go to Old Pecos Trail and Zia, turn east toward the mountains and take the first left on Calle de Sebastian.  We are in the first house on the left in a cul-de-sac.

Women's Winter Gathering -- Friends and their friends are invited to join in a Worship-Sharing and
women's Pot Luck Dinner on Friday, February 16 at 6:30 pm, Wyn Lewis' home at 214 Sereno Dr. (Casa Solana).  Please call and let us know you are coming and what you can bring for the pot luck:       Wyn Lewis  982-4588, Bettina Raphael  988-2487, or Marty Carroll  424-1220.

F(f)riendly cooks sought to help feed the guests at St. Elizabeth's Shelter on the 2nd Friday of each month. Cooks usually prepare food at home and bring it to the Shelter. Others cook at the Shelter and share a meal with the guests. This is a 20 year-long commitment to the Shelter that was started by Shirl Olmstead. Please call Nichoe at 438-4368 or email at nichoe at earthlink.net if you would like to join us.

Your contributions for the following ongoing service projects are always appreciated.  Please bring to Meeting: 1. Used postage stamps, 2 Lightly used children’s books (see “Moms” below), 3. Non-perishable teen-friendly foodstuffs for youth shelter.  Thank you!

The Draft and Military Counseling Committee is now called the Committee on Conscientious Objection.  COCO now meets on a needs basis.  To get information on the committee / meeting time and place please call Howard Shulman at 984-9908.
Our most senior member of meeting, Jeanette Young, will be at home and welcoming visitors for tea and crumpets any day between 2:00 and 5:00 (no need to call ahead; short sweet visits are fine).  

Would you like to receive a paper copy of our new Meeting directory?  Telephone Molly Vaux at (505) 988-9545 to arrange to receive it via the US Mail.  

Peace and Social Concerns invites YOU to join us in "speaking truth to power."   We meet at the Meetinghouse the 4th Sunday of each month indoors or out in good weather. There are so many "concerns—crises, in fact--that we need to strategize on what would be most effective and speak to the concerns of our members.  Log on http://www.fcnl.org/index.htm (Friends Committee on National Legislation) to find out what our representatives in Washington suggest.  This wonderful organization keeps watch on Congress and lets us know when letters are needed to spur action on important bills.  They have sample letters you can use, or just sign the ones provided and they are delivered to our representatives' mail boxes.

The Fellowship Committee is seeking volunteers to close up on Sundays after meeting. The main responsibilities are tidying up (i.e., washing cups and emptying wastebaskets) and closing up the meetinghouse.  Most Sundays it probably takes 15 to 20 minutes, less if two people work
together.  Potluck Sundays typically take a bit longer, but usually there are more volunteers to help.  Everyone is invited to volunteer, but we would especially like to hear from those who are willing to serve
either once a month or every other month. If you are ready to volunteer, or if you need more details before committing, contact Bob Gaines at gaines at comcast.net or 466-1746.  If you can only help intermittently, you can just sign up for an open date on the roster in the kitchen.  We'll give you a reminder call before your Sunday.

Some Key Meeting Contacts

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Websites:  http://sf.imym.org and http://santa-fe.quaker.org/index.html

Ministry and Oversight Committee: (to whom you bring personal or meeting-wide concerns and needs for pastoral counseling) Ford Robbins, Clerk, 466-7665, mail to: fordrobbins at earthlink.net; Joan Spencer, 984-2217, mail to: ssspencer at pol.net; Dimitri Mihalas, 661-7414; Anne McLaughlin, 995-9655, mail to: caunteton at cs.com; Philip Balcombe, 466-2982, mail to: pjbalcombe at cybermesa.com; Beverly Busching, 984-8742,mail to: bbusching at mindspring.com; Roland Pool, 983-7241, mail to:RolandPoole at aol.com; Reuben Hersh, 983-5044
Meeting Clerk : Beverly Busching, 984-8742, bbusching at mindspring.com

Meeting Resident: (to schedule use of building, guest apartment, report building problems, etc.) Peg Martin.  (505) 983-7241
Newsletter: Kate Moses, editor, 988.2709, please email submissions, preferably as Word docs, to katemoses at earthlink.net, by the Friday before Business Meeting (held each third First Day).
Recorder: Nina Sammons NinaSammons at gmail.com 471-6779

Treasurer : Frank Hirsch, 466.0109.  Please mail financial contributions to: Treasurer, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM  87501

(All Committees and members, attenders and their contact information are listed in the Meeting Directory.)