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Welcome to the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

This website is for the use of those in the Meeting.   For visitors seeking more information on the Santa Fe Meeting or our Guest Apartment, please go to our old website

Only members and attenders of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting may access certain content, such as newsletters and committee documents.   For a password, email sfmeeting at

These items may be viewed by anyone:

IMYM Annual Gathering, June 8-15 - information

IMYM Registration - register here

IMYM cost info

For financial assistance, contact  sfmmclerkjwj at

Policy for Newsletter and Email Lists and Website Proposal

June 22 Meeting for Worship to Attend to Business agenda

Treasurer's Report

M&C Report


Residence Committee Report


Future Committee presentations in March are in the Future Planning tab (login required)


2014 Budget for Maintenance

2014 Approved Operating Budget

1995 Policy on Giving (pdf)

The Organizations We Donate To

Envision Santa Fe

Automatic Contribution Form

Clerks, Committees, and Liaisons (password required)


Resident Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities of Officers and Committees

Emergency Assistance Fund and Policy

Agencies That Can Help Your Family

Resources for Ageing


U.S.-Sponsored Torture: A Call for a Commission of Inquiry
NRCAT FAQ About a Commission of Inquiry

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

FCNL FAQ on a Commission of Inquiry

Send an email to Representative Lujan to support a Commission


Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls Conference, 1848

Lucretia Mott Speaking (Pendle Hill pamphlet in PDF)

Lucretia Mott, Lincoln, and the Civil War (NYT article)



Fox, Gandhi and the Besht.  “No to War” - Presented by Reuben Hersh, March 27

Fox on Cromwell

Convincement of Margaret Fell

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